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Bulk Materials

Bulk Materials

SKE Industries Mobile Bulk Material Handling equipment works with all dry commodities around the world, from biomass, aggregates to thermal coal. Many, but not all, of the commodities are listed below. SKE Industries equipment is flexible so it can work with more than one material and takes into consideration their differing weights, densities and flow.

The Common Bulk Materials You Can Use Our Machines to Handle.
Alumina Ore Bark
Bauxite Bran
Caliche Cement Clinker
Coal (Thermal) Coke
Dolomite Fertilizer
Granite Gravel
Iron Ore Lignite
Limestone Manganese Ore
Peat Pet Coke
Quartz Rock
Aggregate & Sand & Gravel Sandstone
Slag Soda Ash
Sugar Sulphur
Wood Pellets Woodchips
Barley Lime
Calcium Carbide Nickel Ore
Clay Potash
Copper Ore Salt
Grain Sinter
Gypsum Stone, Crushed
Zinc Ore Wheat
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