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Conveyor Drives
Conveyor Drives

Conveyor Drives

As a leading provider of drive technology for material handling solutions, we are very familiar with all the requirements of mine operation. You can use our conveyor drives and drive pulleys to form a conveyor belt drive system for all applications.

Your Reliable Conveyor Drive Manufacturer

Whether it is over long distances, in confined space conditions or in hot, arid mountainous areas, extreme conditions are the right work environment for our conveyor belt drives, because our solutions are 100 per cent designed to cope with anything they are put through. You can use our conveyor drives and drive pulleys to form a conveyor belt drive system for all applications.

Conveyor Drive System

Conveyor Drive Unit

Conveyor Drive System

Conveyor Drive System

Conveyor Drive System

The conveyor belt drive system is a part of belt conveyor. It usually installed at the tripping point and middle position between tail and head. A conveyor drive system may include Bearings, Motors, Drives, Shafting, Coupling, Bushings, Guarding and Gearing. It provides the force to drive conveyor belt. And it consists of conveyor drives and conveyor drive pulley.

Conveyor Belt Drives

Gear Motor Drives

You can call it gearmotor or geared motor. It mainly consists of motor and gearbox.

Types of Conveyor Drives:
1. H Series Drives : The comprehensive modular system for all drive requirements.
2. E Series Drives : Our special solution for difficult environmental conditions.
3. A Series Drives : The ready-assembled complete system for confined spaces.

Drive Drum Pulleys

The Belt Conveyor Drive Pulley is located at the discharge terminus of the conveyor. It provides the driving force for the conveyor.

Types of Drive Pulleys:
1. Motorized Pulley (Conveyor Drum Motor)
2. Normal Drive Pulley (It is typically connected to a motor or other power source transtransmission unite to generate motion. ).

The motorized pulley is integrated with drum, gears, cooling, motor, etc. When we use motorized pulley, we do not need gearbox or gearmotor.

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