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Bulk Materials Reclaiming Conveyor in Stockyard

SKE Industries provides mobile reclaiming conveyor include truck unloader feeder and mobile hopper feeder (standard hopper feeder and low feed hopper feed conveyor).

How can you reclaim bulk materials from stockyards? SKE Industries has several hopper feeder conveyor which can be used in reclaiming bulk materials. Bulk materials reclaiming conveyors are designed specifically to extract materials from stockpiles or storage bins efficiently. They typically feature mechanisms such as bucket-wheel reclaimers, stacker-reclaimers, or reclaim screws to gather materials and transfer them onto the conveyor belt.

Types of mobile hopper Feeder

SKE Industries provide multiple types of mobile hoppper. Its primary function is to reclaim or unload bulk materials from stockpiles, bins, or storage facilities and transport them to downstream processing or distribution points. They may have different sturcture to suit for different applications.

  • KTF Tracked Mobile Hopper Feeder
  • KTL low Feed Hopper Conveyor
  • Truck Unload Feed Conveyor

What Are The Applications?

Mobile Hopper Feeder for Reclaiming from Stock Yard and truck unloader for Reclaiming from Dumper Truck.

Mobile Hopper Feeder for Reclaiming from Stock Yard

Reclaiming From Stockyards

1. The reclaiming hopper conveyor will be fed by wheel loaders, grab cranes or excavators. According to hopper feeding height, we mainly provide the standard one and low feed hopper conveyor.
2. Feeding materials onto field conveyor or grasshopper conveyor for transferring.

Truck Unloader for Reclaiming from Dumper Truck

Reclaiming From Truck

1. Receiving bulk materials directly from dump trucks to feed field conveyors
2. Stacking in stockyards or feed a stacker conveyor;

Why To Choose Mobile Hopper Feeder?

The bulk materials reclaiming conveyors play a critical role in material handling operations by efficiently extracting bulk materials from stockpiles or storage facilities and facilitating their downstream processing, distribution, or transportation. Their versatility, high capacity, and integration capabilities make them essential components in a wide range of industrial applications.

  • The feeding point can be changed according to reclaiming point.
  • For huge reclaiming capacity, it needs fewer foundation investment.
  • Our mobile hopper feeder are more than a feeder. You can use it as stacker and loading conveyor of truck, train and ship loader.
  • The mobile feeder conveyor production rates of up to 2500TPH.
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