Belt Cleaner

Belt Cleaner

Belt Cleaners are engineered to clean bulk material from conveyor belts thoroughly and can accommodate belt widths up to 120 inches (3,000 mm) with belt speeds up to 2,000 fpm (10 m/s). SKE provide primary and secondary heavy duty mine and light industrial conveyor belt cleaner system.

The Steps to Choose Conveyor Cleaner

1. Find the belt speed and width, and select the cleaner size listed in the table on the page opposite.
2. If you end up with more than one option, refine your search by checking the material/application that is being conveyed in the table below.
3. If you are unsure, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your SKE Industries representative.

The Required Data You Should Provide

1. Belt width - BW
2. Belt speed - BS
3. Pulley diameter
4. Material characteristics
5. Application temperature (If above 70 °C or below -30 °C, contact your SKE Industries representative)
6. Type of belt splice (If not vulcanized, contact your SKE Industries representative)
7. One-way or reversing (If reversing, contact your SKE Industries representative)
8. Condition of the belt: N = New belt, U = Used belt*, W = Worn belt*.

* The condition of the belt is crucial for the effectiveness of the cleaner.

What Should You Tell Our Engineers?
A. Belt Width
B. Frame Width
C. Pulley Diameter
D. Material Path Width

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