Wood Chips & Pulp Conveyor

Wood Chips & Pulp Conveyor

We’ve been working in the pulp and paper industry for years and facing challenges alongside you every day. We provide wood chips conveyor belt system and pulp conveyor system for paper manufacturing industry.

Barge Unloading & Truck Dump

Wood Chips are taken off trucks or barges and dropped in a hopper. The hopper will likely have a drag chain on the bottom that moves chips to a chute before being dropped onto a conveyor belt. Belt conveyor will transport wood chips to a wood chips stockpile. You can use belt conveyor to unload a barge and truck and stockpile wood chips in your open-pit stockyard and flat warehouse.

Barge & Truck Unloading Conveyor and stacker conveyor System for Wood Chips

Wood Chips Stockpiling Conveyors

Wood chips are taken from the chipper, truck dumps, or barge unloader to a stockpile, where they are stored until needed in the pulping process. After stockpile, chips go either to screening (chemical pulping) or refining (mechanical pulping). You can use belt conveyor to stockpile wood chips in stockyard.

Belt conveyors are the main equipment of wood chips stockyard. It may include tripper conveyor, belt plough, tripper car, mobile stacker conveyor.

Pulp Manufacturing Processing conveyor belt System

Pulp Manufacturing Conveyors

Wood chips will be reclaimed by machines and will load on to a conveyor belt. The belt conveyor will convey wood chips to pulp making machines. Belt conveyor can convey pulpwood logs and wood chips.

Wood Chips Manufacturing Conveyors

Belt conveyor will be used to convey wood chips in pulpwood logs crushing plant. In this section, the belt conveyor will convey debarked bark to a shredder. After crushing, the bark will sent to a stockyard.

The debarked pulp wood will be sent to a wood crushing machine. After crushing, we can get wood chips and wood chips will be transported to a stockpile.

Wood Chips Manufacturing Conveyor System

Machines and Components Supplied

Conveyors: In-plant conveyor, corrugated sidewall belt conveyor, etc.

Stacker: Radial Stacker.

Cleaner: Conveyor Belt Cleaner.

Steel Frame: Truss frame, Bracket, Stander Legs, Covers, etc.

Rollers: Carrying Rollers, Return Rollers, etc.

Pulley: Drive Pulley, Bend Pulley, Snub Pulley, Take Up Pulley, Head Pulley, Tail Pulley, etc.

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