• Barge / Ship Loading Direct From Trucks
  • Barge / Ship Loading Direct From Trucks
  • Barge / Ship Loading Direct From Trucks
  • Barge / Ship Loading Direct From Trucks
  • Barge / Ship Loading Direct From Trucks

Barge / Ship Loading Direct From Trucks

This is a types of bulk reception feeders and it can be used as shiploader and truck unloader. It can load barges and coaster vessels directly from dumper trucks in port and in-land terminal. Its loading ration is based on the truck unloading capacity. It also can be used a railcar loader in railway station.

  KTU Truck Unloader (500PTH)

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The KTU Truck Unloader allows the operator to load a barge or vessel directly from a dump truck, to avoid the double handling of material on the quayside. You can use our mobile bulk materials reception to load a ship direct from trucks. The materials can be aggregate, sand, coal, fertilizer, mineral ores, clinker, etc.

1. Ship Loading: Loading a barge direct from a Wheel Loader and Trucks; Feeding a Radial Telescopic Ship Loader or Transfer Conveyor to load ships like Mini Bulk Carrier, Handysize, Handymax, Supramax, Panamax, Capesize.
2. Ship Unloading: Fed by Grab Crane in barge unloading applications.
3. Rail Car / Wagon Loading & Unloading: Mobile Truck Unloader Unloading Direct from Truck or Rail Car.
4. Stockpiling: Mobile Truck Unloader Fed by Dumper Truck Or Wheel Loader to stack bulk materials in a stockyard.
5. Reclaiming: Fed by Wheel Loader to Feed a belt conveyor in a belt conveyor system.

  • Truck Unloader

    Highly Efficient Mobile Trucks Unloading

    KTU truck unloader can be fed by wheel loaders, ADT trucks and Tipping Trucks. It provides a high efficiency truck unloading method.

  • truck unloader for stockpiling

    Highly Efficient Bulk Materials Stockpiling

    It provides optional automatic stockpiling (slew & luff). Its location can be easily changed by operator with remoter control.

  • truck unloader for rail wagon loading

    Loading Rail Wagons Direct

    It can reduce the investment of stockyard of railway station bulk materials. It can load materials into wagons without a temporary yard.

  • truck unloader for barge loading

    Highly Efficient Mobile Barge Loading

    For loading barges, the KTU truck unloader can be a economic choice. You can use it to load barges with bulk materials unloaded direct from trucks.

Tech Datasheet
Models KTU
Feeding Up to 60 ~ 100 tonnes (trucks)
Capacity 0-1500t/h (Depending on Truck Cycle times)
Feeding Method Fed By Truck like Road Dumper Truck, ADT and Rigid Dumper Truck.
Fed By Wheel Loader from the Rear and Side.
Mobile Truck Unloader Fed By Railcar and Wagon.
Fed By Grab Crane from Bulk Carrier.
Options Dust enclosures complete with rubber curtains at feed-in point
Dust covers
Dust extraction units mounted at transfer points
Telescopic discharge chute
Trimmer chutes available
Rubber sock chutes
Spray bars for dust suppression
Sealing of all transfer points including side plates and under-trays
Ramps at feed-in point for trucks
Radio remote controls
Dual Power - Diesel and Electric
Marine specification paint finish

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