Coal Conveyors

Coal Conveyors

We provide coal conveyor, coal stacker, portable coal conveyor, tripper conveyor, coal conveyor system, coal conveyor belt, coal conveyor roller, pulleys, etc.

Coal conveyors are very import to handle bulk coal in industries of underground & open pit coal mining, coal washing, coal preparation, coking, sintering, smelting, thermal power, etc. The coal conveyors can be fixed and movable. For many years, we have help our customer build many customized coal conveyor belt system. They were install in coal mining plant, washing plant, preparation plant, sintering plant, steel plan, thermal power plant, pet coking plant, etc.

Coal Mining Conveyor

Underground Coal Mining Conveyor

Underground coal mines may contain gas (methane), and coal is a flammable substance. Therefore, the primary requirement for selecting coal conveyor is to ensure the safety of underground coal transportation. You can choose solid woven belt conveyor, and steel cord belt conveyor.

The solid woven conveyor belt is a special conveyor belt for underground coal mines. It has good flame retardant and antistatic properties, light weight, low manufacturing cost, good tear resistance and other advantages. Compared with the solid woven conveyor belt, the steel cord conveyor belt has the advantages of high tensile strength, small elongation, impact resistance, large carrying capacity, long transportation distance, and long service life.

Open Pit Coal Mining Conveyor

Compared with underground coal mines, surface coal mines have better transportation conditions, and flame retardant and antistatic requirements are no longer the main requirements. The physical and mechanical properties should be given priority to, while safety performance should be taken into consideration. Multi ply fabric conveyor belts and steel cord conveyor belts should be preferred.

Coal Mining Plant Stockpiling Conveyor for Coal
Coal Mining Plant Stockpiling Conveyor for Coal

Coal Washing Plant Conveyor

The coal washing plant, which we also name as coal preparation plant, is to clean coal and remove out coal gangue. The coal conveyor is a very important equipment to process raw coal. The coal conveyors are mainly used to link coal washing machines and stockpile coal into stockyard, silo, bunker, etc.

Coal Port Belt Conveyor
Coal Port Belt Conveyor

Power Plant Coal Fuel Conveyor

The coal conveyors in a power plant is to convey fuel coal to stockyard and firing boring. The belt conveyor can be ply fabric belts, steel cord belts, and pipe belts. It mainly depends the conveyance distance, environment protection rules, etc.

Coal Coking Plant Conveyor

In steel and melting industries, the coke is a very important raw material. The pet coke is manufactured from raw coal. The belt conveyor is one of the key equipment for processing coke. It can convey raw coal and pet coke. Before cooling, the temperature of pet coke is high. So, we need high temperature resistant belt conveyor.

Coal Conveyor for Steel Plant

During large scale metallurgical plant, the coal will be used to smelt steel. The belt conveyor is the main coal transporting equipment. The belt conveyor will be used to stockpile raw coal, transport fuel coal, convey coal in crushing and screening plant, etc.

Coal Conveyor For Steel Plant
Coal Conveyor For Steel Plant

Port Coal ship loading Conveyor

In modern coal transporting industry, the ship is an very important vehicle. To load coal into coal carrier, we need coal conveyor and ship loader. We provide coal conveyors for transporting coal on the port and coal mobile shiploader for loading coal into container of bulk vessels.

Mobile Shiploader For Coal
Mobile Shiploader For Coal

Coal Conveyor Component

We provide coal conveyor component for sale.


You can get all types of coal conveyors and component from our company. You just need send us your detail requirement, and we will provide you a complete coal conveying solutions.

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