Salt Conveyor & Salt Conveyor Belt

Salt Conveyor & Salt Conveyor Belt

SKE Industries belt conveyors are widely used in salt handling in multiple industries. We provide in-plant conveyor, underground mining conveyor, tripper conveyor, mobile shiploader and stacker conveyor for salt.

Belt conveyor is widely used in bulk salt mining industry. Whether you apply it in deep-shaft mining, or using solar evaporation, the belt conveyor equipment is one of the most important salt mining equipment. We provide custom-designed salt conveyor systems, parts, services and processing operations to make your next salt extraction process more profitable. SKE is professional belt conveyor manufacturer in China. We provide bulk salt conveyor for sale.

Salt mining conveyor System Component

We offer new, custom-built salt mining conveyor systems for any need. We have the experience, resources, and capability to assemble the perfect conveyor package for your needs. You can get all the component salt conveyor systems component from our company.

  • Salt Conveyor Drive
  • Salt Conveyor Take-up unit
  • Salt Conveyor Tail section
  • Salt conveyor belt starter
  • Salt Conveyor Belt
  • Salt Conveyor Structure

Salt Mining Conveyor Accessories

What makes us unique is that we are able to accommodate custom conveyor accessory requests due to our work with a vast variety of conveyor belt systems. Although some accessories may be completely unique to a specific application, some of the most common conveyor accessories include:

  • Conveyor Chutes and Loading Sections
  • Conveyor Guarding
  • Conveyor Scrapers
  • Conveyor Covers

Salt Conveyor System

salt stacking conveyor system

Salt Mining and Processing Conveyor

Are you deep-shaft mining, and need a reliable conveyor to haul salt to the surface? Perhaps you are using solar evaporation and need an efficient way to load the extracted salt on transportation vehicles. Whatever the production method may be, it is critical for process efficiency and operational reliability to have the best components in place. We provide:

With SKE Salt Conveyors, you get salt conveyor systems and components that are built around your specific needs. We have decades of experience working with salt mining companies to custom-build the perfect conveyor systems for a wide range of applications and scenarios. We also provide mobile shiploader for salt port.

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