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Conveyor Pulley
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What is the conveyor drum pulley?

The conveyor pulley is an important component of belt conveyors, and it is used to drive conveyor belt, to tension conveyor belt, and to change the dirction of the conveyor belt. Modern conveyor pulleys are mainly made of rolled shells with flexible end and disks and locking assemblies.

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What are the types of conveyor drum pulleys?

We are a leading manufacturer of Conveyor Pulleys. We can supply all types of conveying machine's pulleys. Our current conveyor pulleys include:

1. Conveyor Head Pulleys
2. Conveyor Bend Pulleys
3. Conveyor Snub Pulleys
4. Conveyor Take-up Pulleys
5. Conveyor Tail Pulleys
6. Rubber Lagging Pulley (Diamond, Herringbone, etc)
7. Rubber Coated Conveyor Pulley (Diamond, Herringbone, etc)
8. Lagged Conveyor Pulley
9. Conveyor Wing pulley

Depending on your specific application requirements, we offer a variety of sizes and lagging options from leading suppliers. We carry a stock of different lagging materials, including ceramic, diamond, smooth, and herringbone or chevron textures. We work directly with our customers to find the conveyor pulley that will fit their unique application.

Are you looking for conveyor drum pulleys?

Our belt drum pulleys can thereby be realized with flange bearings, sliding bearings or bearing baskets with various seal types (oil seal, labyrinth seals, Taconite seals, felt rings). Drive pulleys for shafts or couplings are available for single and double sided drives (optionally provided with keyed connections and/or with a remote cylindrical friction joint or conical sleeve). Deflection pulleys can be adapted to include slip monitoring systems such as speed monitoring ports. The system (including the belt drive surface) is also available in a smooth or profiled belt format or as a nubby surface in rubber, polyurethane as well as ceramic. The surface can be heat cured or cold glued.

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