• KS Corrugated Sidewall Belt Conveyor
  • KS Corrugated Sidewall Belt Conveyor
  • KS Corrugated Sidewall Belt Conveyor
  • KS Corrugated Sidewall Belt Conveyor
  • KS Corrugated Sidewall Belt Conveyor

KS Corrugated Sidewall Belt Conveyor

SKE KS Series Corrugated Sidewall Belt Conveyor, which is also known as large inclination belt conveyor or steep angle belt conveyor. It uses sidewall belt to carry bulk materials. It requires little floor space to lift bulk materials than normal conveyor belts.

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KS Corrugated Sidewall Belt Conveyor System is widely used in the location of port and mine, metallurgy, mining, coal, power stations, building materials(sand, aggregate, gravel, concrete, etc), chemicals, light industry, machinery, petroleum, grain and other industries.

  • Conveying Angles Are Able Up to 90°

    With corrugated ribs and diaphragm installed, the angles of inclination belt conveyor are able to reach 90°. It is an ideal equipment for materials of large inclination angle conveying and vertical lifting process.

  • Simple Structure, Small Footprint, Low noise

    The corrugated side-wall belt conveyor has a simple structure, stable operation and low noise. It can save space, investment civil construction costs, and has high comprehensive economic benefits.

  • As Reliable As A Universal Belt Conveyors

    The large inclined belt conveyor operates reliably, without the jamming, floating chain, and chain breaking phenomenon that often occurs in the scrapper conveyors. It provide a radiality condition.

  • No Internal Friction Energy Loss And Save Power

    The corrugated side-wall inclined belt conveyor has low energy consumption because of there is no internal and external friction during conveying operation. It can help us reduce running costs.

  • Able to Be Linked With Different Flat Belt Conveyors

    We can set flat belt conveyors of any length on the head and tail of the inclined belt conveyor. It is convenient to link corrugated side-wall inclined belt to other facility in the bulk material handling system.

  • Large Conveying Capacity for Bulk Materials Handling

    The conveying capacity is large. Because the conveying belt has a corrugated rib, the loading section is increased at the same inclination angle, and it can be larger than the general belt conveyor.

Tech Datasheet
Belt Types Sidewall Belt
Belt Width(mm) 300, 400, 500, 650, 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000, 2200, 2400
Ribs(mm) 10 to 630
Belt Speed(m/s) 0.8 to 4.0
Angle(°) 0 to 90
Capacity(t/h) 18 to 8668

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