Stacker Conveyor

Stacker Conveyor

SKE Industries is stacker conveyor manufacture in China. We provide belt stacker, portable radial stacking conveyor, mobile stacker conveyor, radial stacker conveyor, radial telescopic stacker, etc. We provide stacking conveyor for sale.
  • Radial Telescopic Stacker

    SKE Industries KYD Fixed Radial Telescopic Stacker Conveyor is widely used in modern bulk material storage handling conveying system and Rotation by a pivot.

  • Portable Radial Telescopic Stacker

    SKE Industries KYD Portable Radial Telescopic Stacking Conveyor is the most cost efficient and effective radial stacking conveyor for stockyard of bulk materials.

  • KTL Tracked Feeder Conveyor

    SKE Industries KTL1223 tracked feeder conveyor: length 22.6, tonnages of 50 to 1000thp, feeding size up to 300mm and fed by Wheel Loaders, Grab Cranes, Excavators.

  • KTF Tracked Hopper Feeder

    SKE Industries KTF1223 tracked hopper feeder: length 22.5, tonnages of 50 to 1000thp, feeding size up to 300mm and fed by Wheel Loaders, Grab Cranes, Excavators.

  • KTR Tracked Radial Stacker

    SKE Industries KTR1023 tracked radial stacking conveyor: length 22.9m, tonnages of 50 to1000tph, feeding size up to 300mm and fed by other equipment(like conveyors).

  • KTB Tracked Stacker

    SKE Industries KTB1020, KTB1024, KTB1030 tracked conveyors: lengths from 20 to 30m, tonnages of 50 to 500tph, feeding size up to 300mm, Fed by other equipment.

SKE Industries is a stacker conveyor manufacturer in China. Our stacker conveyor systems are mainly divided into types of tracked, railed, wheeled, and stationary. In some situations, we can fix a telescopic belt conveyor unit and automatic hydraulic lifting equipment for them, and it will increase the stockpiling capacity and adjust pile height of stockyards. We provide stacking conveyor for sale.

What are the applications?

SKE Industries can meet wide range of applications. You can install our portable stacking conveyor in operations like Quarrying, Aggregate & Sand, Mining, Leaching plant, Port & In-land Terminals, Stockyard, Railway, etc. You can use our radial stacker machine to handle these bulk materials like aggregate, sand, gravel, clinker, wood chips, sawdust, crushed bamboo, coal, iron ore, copper ore, silver ore, bauxite, aluminum ore, rare earth, C & D waste, mulch, fly ash, chemical fertilizer, biomass fertilizer, Grains, wheat, rice, bean, etc.

Why to invest stacker conveyors?

Easy to Operate: With radio remote control operation system, you can run our machines easily. We can also install panel control system in our machines.

Lower Running Cost: Eliminate double handling of material. Eliminates need for wheel loaders to build stockpiles – reduced labour and maintenance costs. Greatly reduces segregation, degradation, compaction and contamination when stockpiling. You can use electric power instead of fuel in some situations.

Easy to Maintain: Our equipment is highly standardized. The supply of vulnerable parts is sufficient. The whole structure is designed with the ability of Easy Maintenance. You only need to do routine maintenance to keep the machine running stably.

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