Belt Conveyor Used in Coking Plant

Belt Conveyor Used in Coking Plant

Applications:conveying coal in stacking section, transporting coal in claiming section, conveying coke;

Equipment Selection:belt conveyors, tripper car, stacking conveyors, heat-resistant belt conveyor, pipe belt conveyor system;

System Service:We provide coke plant conveyor belt system designing, manufacturing services, and installation guide.

What is coking plant conveyor belt system?

A coking plant is a production line to manufacturer coke and the raw material is coal. Coking plant conveyor belt system mainly includes coal stacking conveyor, coal preparation plant conveyor, coal reclaiming and feeding conveyor, and coke conveyor.

What types of conveyor belt machine used in a coking plant?

The belt conveyors is essential no matter in stacking, preparation, claiming, feeding plant. For different applications, we often need some specific kinds of conveyors.

For example, in-plant warehouse of coal storage, we often using a overhead conveyor system and fix a tripper conveyor car to unloading coal onto the ground.

Here are some conveyor which may be needed in a coking plant:

1. Tripper conveyor car;
2. Corrugated sidewall belt conveyor(When the space is limited.);
3. Heat-resistant belt conveyor(Transporting coke in plant);
4. Explosion-proof belt conveyor;
5. Universal belt conveyor
6. Coking plant conveyor component and spare parts(conveyor pulley, conveyor roller, conveyor belt, etc.)

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Belt Conveyor Used in Coking Plant
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