Mobile Hopper Feeder

Mobile Hopper Feeder

A mobile hopper feeder with conveyor belt is mainly designed for a range of applications like stacking and feeding. The hopper conveyor allows operators to directly discharge from wheel loaders, grab cranes or excavators, and eliminates the double handling of material on site.

The SKE Industries Range of Mobile Hopper Feeders, Mobile Low Feeders and Truck Unloader Feeders are designed to be fed directly from wheel loaders, grab cranes, excavators, etc. The mobile range can be used to stockpile material, feed auxiliary equipment, reclaim to other conveyors, directly load ships, trucks, rail wagons etc at production rates of up to 2500TPH.

The Features of Mobile Hopper Feeder Conveyor

1. Eliminate / reduce double handling of material from Wheel loaders.
2. Complete range of mobility and sizes available for a range of applications.
3. Allows for a controlled feed to SKE Industries equipment directly from wheel loaders, grabs, etc.
4. Tracked, wheeled and skid mounted units available.
5. Fully mobile independent units.

The Applications of Hopper Feeder With Conveyor Belt

1. Receive Material from wheel loaders/ grab cranes, excavators and truck to eliminate the double handling of material on site. 
2. Stacking Bulk Materials in stockyards of mine, port, quarry, power plant, fertilizer plant, etc.
3. Loading trucks and bulk carrier ships.
4. Feeding belt conveyor in a conveyor system.

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