Sintering Plant Belt Conveyor

Sintering Plant Belt Conveyor

Applications:conveying coke, sinter, pellets, slag, flux, etc in a sintering plant;

Equipment Selection:DTII and DTII(A) Type belt conveyors, tripper car, stacking conveyors, heat-resistant belt conveyor, pipe conveyor system;

System Service:We provide belt conveyor designing, manufacturing services, and installation guide.

What is sintering plant belt conveyor?

The sintering plant is the place where sintering process is carried out to manufacturer sinter in metallurgical industry. A sintering plant consists of main equipment. As a sintering plant belt conveyor manufacturer in China, we just talk about the belt conveyor in this article. Our machine can link each equipment to from a complete manufacturing system.

What is the applications of belt conveyor in sintering plant?

The uses of belt conveyor is to convey raw materials and final products. Its application is listed below:

1. Stacking coke and concentrate ore into warehouse or open-pit stockyard;
2. Reclaiming fuel coal and concentrate ore into sintering machine;
3. Conveying sinter into store house;

Types of belt conveyor in a sintering plant!

1. Tripper car(belt tripper conveyor);
2. Universal belt conveyor;
3. Corrugated side wall belt conveyor;
4. Scraper conveyor;
5. Tubular pipe conveyor;
6. Other types of belt conveyor(for example heat-resistant belt conveyor).

The reliable sintering plant belt conveyor supplier!

SKE is a professional belt conveyor manufacturer and supplier in China. Our main business is to provide customers higher quality and tech bulk material handling conveyor system.

If you need a sintering plant conveyor system, please contact me. We will response to you as soon as possible.

sintering plant belt conveyor
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sintering plant belt conveyor
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sintering plant belt conveyor
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