Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyor is a type of bulk materials handling equipment. Our belt conveyors can range from short to long distance, for a single flight, in length. SKE Industries Provides Belt Conveyor for Bulk Materials Handling of Power Plant, Cement Plant, Sand Plant, Aggregate Plant, Port, In-land Terminal, etc.
  • K3 Belt Conveyor

    The K3 belt conveyor is a type of quarry conveyor mainly used in ore and stone crushing & screening plant.

  • KL Overland Conveyor System

    KL overland conveyor is designed for long distance conveyance of bulk materials in industries like mining, quarrying, power, etc.

  • KP Pipe Conveyor System

    KP pipe belt conveyor is also named tubular belt conveyor. The pipe conveyors will keep bulk materials conveyed in a belt pipe.

  • KS Sidewall Belt Conveyor

    The KS corrugated sidewall belt conveyor can be used as linking and feeding conveyor for bulk materials conveying with a steep angle.

  • DTⅡ (A) Belt Conveyor

    DTⅡ (A) belt conveyor is widely used in bulk materials loading and unloading, stockpiling, mining, sand aggagregate conveying, etc.

  • Steel Cord Belt Conveyor

    The steel cord belt conveyor is widely used in long distance and heavy duty bulk materials moving situactions.

What is the Belt Conveyor?

Belt conveyors are the most widely used and versatile mode of mechanical conveying systems employed to transport materials horizontally or on an inclined either up or down. Belt conveyors complement machines used in mining and bulk material handling systems and are employed as the main component in material transport systems due to their 100% availability.

Components of Belt Conveyor

A: Conveyor Pulley & Guard
B: Exhaust Port
C: Inlet Chutes (Feeding Chute)
D: Rubber Skirt-board
E: Conveyor Belt
F: Belt Conveyor Cover
G: Truss Frame
H: Walkway
I: Conveyor Idlers
J: Channel Frame

Additional Options of Belt Conveyor

1. Hoppers, Bins & Silos
2. Transfer Towers
3. Dust Collection
4. Mechanical or Gravity Take-up
5. Walkways & Service Platforms
6. Belt Cleaners/Scrapers
7. Belt Conveyor Covers
8. Belt Scale (Used for tracking quantity/interval of time)
9. Structural Platforms
10. Loading Skirtboards
11. Transfer Chutes
 12. Concave or Convex Path, Safety Cables and Shut-offs, Gallery Enclosures, Gates, Screens, Guards, Inspection Doors

Applications of Belt Conveyor

SKE Industries is the Belt Conveyor Manufacturer and Supplier. Our belt conveyors can range from short to long distance, for a single flight, in length. You can learn some typical applications of belt conveyor from the below. SKE Industries provides bulk material handling equipment and solutions to a variety of industries includes:

Cement Industry: transport of limestone, clinker, cement, secondary combustibles, filter dusts, etc.
Chemical Industry: transport of granulated material, fertilizer, etc.
Steel Industry: transport of ores
Power Plants: transport of coal, slag, gypsum, limestone powders, alternative fuels, etc.
Waste Recycling: municipal waste, wood and sewage sludge
Quarry: Exploitation of gravel and sand pits
Mining Industry: mining Iron Ore, Copper Ore, Gold Ore, Zinc Ore, Lead Ore, etc.
› Phosphate mining and processing plants.
› Transport of other materials such as feeding stuff, cereals, dust, chipped wood, aluminium oxide, etc.
› Transport of dangerous, contaminated, dusty, or very lightweight substances.

What Do We Supply?

We are belt conveyor manufacturer and supply complete belt conveyor system solution for our customers. You can get in-plant belt conveyor, overland conveyor, tube conveyor, mobile conveyor, stacker conveyor, mobile shiploader, etc.

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