Sugar Plant Conveyor

Sugar Plant Conveyor

SKE provides belt conveyors for sugar mill to convey sugar, sugarcane, beet, sugar residue, etc. You can use belt conveyor and tripper conveyor for handling raw materials and sugar.

All sugar is made by first extracting sugar juice from sugar beet or sugarcane plants. Using sugar juice, many different types of sugar can be produced by varying the production process in terms of the cleaning, crystallizing, and drying that is performed, as well as the amount of molasses that is added to produce brown sugar. Conveyor is an important equipment in sugar plant.

Belt Conveyor for Sugar

What is a sugar mill conveyor?

A sugar mill conveyor is used in producing sugar from beet and sugarcane, and it is mainly used to handle raw materials and sugar. The sugar mill conveyor can be belt conveyor and screw conveyor.

What are the types conveyor in sugar industry?

As we have known that the belt conveyor and screw conveyor can be used in a sugar plant, we will introduce the detail types of belt conveyor we mainly supply.

Troughed Belt Conveyor
It is installed in a certain place to transfer beet and sugarcane from one place to the next place. We usually use it to link different handling system.

Mobile Belt Conveyor
It can me moved easily via wheels or tracked unit. You can move it to any place of sugar mill to handle sugar beet and sugar crane and bagged sugar.

Tripper Conveyor
It can used to discharge material from surface of conveyor belt. You can use it to discharge sugarcane, beet, sugar, and residue. It also can be used store raw materials and sugar.

Stacking Conveyor
You can stockpile sugar cane, beet, sugar, and reside via our stacking conveyor.

Sugar Beet Conveyor

What are the applications?

The sugar mill conveyor can be belt conveyor and screw conveyor, and it is mainly used to handle raw materials and sugar.

1. Convey raw sugar cane and beet,
2. Convey chopped sugarcane and beet,
3. Convey reside of sugar cane and beet after juiced,
4. Storing raw materials and sugar.

How to sugar conveyor choose?

First, the material is abrasive, meaning that a belt conveyor has to be capable of withstanding the higher wear imposed on it by sugar granules or pellets.

Secondly, sugar is hygroscopic, meaning that it readily absorbs moisture, leading to sticking and clumping. Thus, depending upon the equipment chosen, flow aids may be necessary to secure successful discharge from the conveyor and ensure a free-flowing supply of material.

Finally, granulated sugar will ignite at high temperatures and the dust is highly combustible and explosive. Conveyors should therefore be capable of preventing fugitive dust emissions and static build-up, while eliminating any possible source of ignition once the material is in the conveyor.

A Sugar Plant Conveyor System

Are you looking for sugar mill conveyor system supplier?

SKE is a bulk materials handling system solution provider. We can help you design sugar conveyor system for sugar mill. You can get sugar cane conveyor, beet conveyor, sugar conveyor, and reside conveyor from our company.

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