Belt Conveyor for Fertilizer Industry

Belt Conveyor for Fertilizer Industry

The belt conveyor is an important equipment in fertilizer manufacturing industry. SKE Conveyor supplies fixed and portable belt conveyor for fertilizer industry.

Belt conveyor is one of the necessary equipment in fertilizer production. From moving raw ore at the mining plant, to storing finished products, the fertilizer industry will need dry bulk solids handling equipment to keep processes running well. This heavy requirement, combined with some of the specific challenges fertilizer present, requires expertly designed and fabricated equipment to optimal efficiency and long-term reliability.

Fertilizer Plant Conveyor

Applications of Belt Conveyor

Between ore mines and fertilizer plant, belt conveyor will be used to handle different products and raw materials. You can refer to lists below.

1. Convey minerals and ore such as potash, phosphate rock, and iron ore.
2. Convey inorganic materials such as urea and sulfur.
3. Convey materials such as manure, compost, and biosolid.
4. Conveyor Fertilizers such as MAP, DAP, NPK.
5. Loading a fertilizer ship.

Commonly Used Belt Conveyor

Troughed Belt Conveyor

Troughed belt conveyors are the standard for horizontally moving materials from one point to another in almost every industry, and fertilizer is certainly no exception. The conveying capacity is between 0-8000tons per hour and the trough angle can be 20°, 30°, 35°, 40°.

Fertilizer Flat Warehouse tripper conveyor System

Tripper Car Conveyor & Plow

Both belt trippers and plows are commonly incorporated into fertilizer conveyor systems to improve flexibility, particularly when it comes to storing fertilizer. Trippers and plows allow material to be discharged at strategic points along the conveyor, either from one or both sides, as well as at fixed or moving points. The use of trippers or plows is ideal for filling multiple storage bins along the length of a conveyor, or for creating long, continuous piles in a bulk storage building.

Belt Feeders

It will help improve the handling efficiency of fertilizer plant. It will ensure materials will be feed to system under a controlled rate from a bin hopper.

Truck Loading Conveyor

We can load a bulk truck with a loading conveyor system.

Mobile shiploader for Fertilizer

Fixed ship loading Conveyor & Mobile Shiploader

In a fertilizer port, we can use ship loading conveyor to load a fertilizer vessel. In some case, you can use a mobile shiploader to load fertilizer into containers of barge. Both can meet all types of bulk cargo ships.

Consideration for Belt Conveyor

While handling concerns are largely site and material specific, there are common themes that run throughout the fertilizer industry.

1. Corrosion
2. Abrasion
3. Dust Controlling
4. Buildup
5. Moisture Content

SKE Conveyor is a professional belt conveyor manufacturer of fertilizer industry. We will help you design conveyor belt system for transporting raw minerals and finished products. We also can help build flat warehouse fertilizer stockpiling conveyor system. If you need belt conveyor for fertilizer industry, please send us your detail requirement.

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