Conveyor Roller

Mine and Heavy Duty Belt Conveyor Roller

Belt Conveyor Rollers, very often, represent a high investment in the overall requirements of the project design of a belt conveyor installation. Conveyor Rollers produced by SKE are manufactured according to all known national and international standards: ISO, UNI, DIN, AFNOR, FEM, BS, JIS, SANS and CEMA.

Download: CEMA Standard Idler & Rollers Catalog

  • Conveyor Roller Bracket Frame

    The Roller Bracket is a necessary part of belt conveyor machine. SKE Conveyor can supply solutions of conveyor roller with bracket.

  • Conveyor Troughing Roller

    Trough rollers are the most common belt conveyor rollers used on the carry side. SKE troughing idlers come in 20°, 35°, and 45°.

  • Conveyor Carrying Rollers

    Belt conveyor carrying rollers are used to carry conveyor belt and support bulk materials on conveyor belt working surface.

  • Conveyor Return Roller

    Belt conveyor return roller inculdes flat return roller, rubber disc return roller, self aligning training return roller, and v return roller for sale.

  • Conveyor Impact Roller

    Impact rollers are designed with rubber which absorb impact forces minimizing belt damage. Our impact roller is used in impact areas.

  • Belt Training Roller

    Strategically placing belt training rollers along the conveyor keep the belt running. We provide belt carry and return training rollers.

  • Conveyor Flat Roller

    The flat roller is the most common belt conveyor roller. We provide conveyor flat roller working as carrying roller and return roller.

  • Steel Conveyor Rollers

    Heavy duty steel conveyor rollers are mainly used in industries of mining, quarrying, metallurgy, cement, power, etc.

  • Spiral Conveyor Return Roller

    This steel spiral return conveyor rollers are also called self-cleaning rollers, they can clean the sticky materials on the conveyor belts.

  • Rubber Disc Conveyor Return Roller

    The rubber disc return rollers are similar to the flat return rollers. SKE rubber disc return rollers can assist by removing carryback of belt.

  • Self Aligning Conveyor Roller

    The friction self-align conveyor rollers can prevent conveyor belt deviation. They can keep conveyor belts running smoothly.

  • Tapered Conveyor Roller

    The Tapered Conveyor Roller is widely used in steel mills, power plants, docks and coal mines, etc. It works as self-align rollers.

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