Coal Conveyor In Thermal Power Plant

Coal Conveyor In Thermal Power Plant

Applications:conveying coal fuel and alternative fuel in a thermal power plant;

Equipment Selection:Universal conveyor, tipper conveyor car, stacking conveyor, corrugated belt conveyor;

System Service:We provide thermal power plant conveyor system designing, manufacturing services, and installation guide.

What is the thermal power plant conveyor system?

A thermal power plant is the concentrate unit to produce electric. The power plant conveyor system is often formed with many belt conveyors and other machines in a thermal power plant.

What are the applications of power plant conveyor system?

The power plant conveyor system is the irreplaceable equipment which is used to link electric machine and convey fuel into boiler. The fuel can be coal and alternative fuel(sawdust, wood chips, and others combustible materials). Here we just talk about coal fired power plant.

The conveyor system will be used in coal storage, coal preparation plant(crushing coal into a reasonable sizes), feeding and lifting coal into the fuel storage bin of boiler.

What conveyor equipment will be needed in power plant?

The conveyor belt machine used in thermal power plant mainly includes universal type, corrugated belt conveyor, tripper conveyor car, stacking conveyor, pipe conveyor, etc. The conveyor machines also need to be installed in an enclosed operation environment. This will cause less pollution to operation space.

The reliable thermal power conveyor supplier!

SKE is a professional thermal power plant conveyor manufacturer in China. We can help you design belt conveyor system for coal fired power plant and alternative fuel power plant. We not only can supply you conveyors but also power plant conveyor rollers, pulleys, belts, conveyor frames, etc.

If you need set up a thermal power plant or need purchase the replacement spare parts of conveyors, you can contact us. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Thermal Power Plant Conveyor System
Coal fired power plant belt conveyor sytem

Thermal Power Plant Conveyor System
coal storage plant conveyor belt system in a power plant

Thermal Power Plant Conveyor System
Pipe conveyor system used to convey coal fuel in thermal power plant

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