• All Wheel Travel Ship Loader
  • All Wheel Travel Ship Loader
  • All Wheel Travel Ship Loader
  • All Wheel Travel Ship Loader
  • All Wheel Travel Ship Loader

All Wheel Travel Ship Loader

SKE provide in-line travel, carousel mode, radial mode, parallel travel, and crab mode all wheel mounted travelling telescopic shiploader conveyor system for loading bulk materials on ships / barge / vessels in ports, inland terminals, dockside, etc.

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The all-wheel travel telescoping ship loading conveyor functionality offers unrivalled mobility, flexibility and ease of use making this feature one of the most exciting developments in the bulk materials handling (shiploading and stacking) industry in recent years.

With the ability to literally turn 360º with ease, speed and accuracy, the all-wheel travel ship loader gives a complete range of steering modes to meet restrictive quayside conditions whilst giving the Operator the fastest hatch to hatch change in the market. 

You can use it in bulk coal ship loader system, fertilizer barge loader and unloader conveyor system, mine ores (iron ore, copper ore, gold ore, bauxite, concentrate, etc) vessel loading and unloading conveyor plant, sand gravel aggregate barge loading and unloading belt conveyor system,wood chips and wood pellet panama ship loading, cement clinker and sulphur barge loader and unloader system.


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1. All Wheel travel ship loader functionality to enable full range of mobility options for different operation situations;

2. Galvanized dust covers full length of outer conveyor and canvas retractable telescopic dust cover on inner conveyor can reduce the dust floating in the air and in case of rain and snow weather.;

3. Side wind plates on inner conveyor in case of wind blowing;

4. Fully Enclosed hood at transfer point from outer to inner

5. 8.5m telescopic cascade chute on discharge complete with wiring to control panel

6. Dust extraction system on feed-in and transfer points

7. Integrated compressor for dust extraction in under carriage

8. Radio remote control to enable enhanced functionality with ease, speed and accuracy;

Tech Datasheet
All wheeled travel ship loader conveyor system specifications
Loading Capacity (t/h) 100-3500
Conveyor Length (m) 14-58 (Fully extended length is up to 58 meters)
Driving Modes Fuel Diesel Driving and Electric Driving
Environment Protection Dust Suppression Measures – Galvanised / Canvas Dust covers, Telescopic dust covers, dust extraction, Integrated telescopic chutes (Free-fall – Cascade Design), 360 degree trimmer chutes, Rubber ‘sock’ chutes, water suppression and many more.
Travelling Modes In-line travel wheel ship loader conveyor
Carousel mode wheeled ship loading conveyor
Radial all-wheel travel barge loading conveyor
Parallel wheeled travel vessel loader conveyor
Crab wheeled travel vessel loading conveying equipment
Electric Controlling Electrical Integration – Communication interlinks, radio remote controls, Fully integrated generators, Ethernet connections and many more.
Loading Height Meet the different sized ships in different scaling ports (inland terminals, dockside, etc)
Belt Update Heavy duty belt, Chevron belt, etc.
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