Ship Loaders

Ship Loaders

SKE Industries is a specialist mobile ship loaders manufacturer providing mobile ship loader conveyors for bulk materials handling. Our range of shiploaders ensures unparalleled flexible mobility when loading dry bulk materials onto barges, Handymax, Handymax, Panamax, Supramax, Capemax and more. The mobility of our ship loader allows it to be easily moved around the port to different berths and locations, providing flexibility in handling various types of vessels.

Obtained Certificates: CE Certificate, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001,

What Can We Supply?

SKE Industries is a professional mobile ship loader conveyor systems and machines manufacturer and supplier. We are experienced in designing and building Bulk Carrier Ship Loading Conveyor for ports and inland terminals more than 13 years. We can provide customized bulk ship loading equipment to meet the ship loading needs of different ports and terminals.

  • Making mobile ship loading plan.
  • Customization of mobile ship loading conveyor.
  • Supply of mobile ship loader conveyor accessories.
  • Mobile ship loader installation.

Equipment Manufacturing Base

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What Are The Applications of Mobile Shiploaders?

The SKE Industries mobile ship loaders are mainly used to load bulk materials into bulk carrier vessels. You can get complete ship loader ( Ship Loading Conveyor ), barge loader ( Barge Loading Conveyor ), and vessel loader ( Vessel Loading Conveyor ) from our company. Our machines can be applied to load a ship from stockpiles or directly from trucks. The most common shiploaders are used in ports to handle bulk materials like these:

  • Coal ship loader for bulk coal ,
  • Ore ship loader for iron ore, copper ore, gold ore and so on ,
  • Grains shiploader for corn, beans, wheat and so on,
  • Sawdust and woodchips ship loader,
  • Fertilizer ship loader,
  • Ship loader for aggregate, sand, gravel, crushed rock, cement clinker , etc.
  • Other types of ship loader, please contact me.
Portable Ship Loader Fed By Truck Unloader

Track-mounted Ship Loader

Portable Telescopic Ship Loader Conveyor is fed by Tracked Truck Unloader Feeder, Mobile Hopper Feeder, or Fixed Belt Conveyor.

Portable Ship Loader to Load Barge Direct From Truck

From Truck to Barges

Portable Ship Loader Can Recieve Bulk Materials directly from trucks to Load Barges. This Mobile Ship Loader can be wheel-mounted.

All Wheel Travel Shiploader

All Wheel Travel Shiploader

This mobile shiploader is mounted on wheels and has flexible mobility to load various dimensions of ships.

Cambered Boom Ship Loader

Wheel Travel Boom Ship Loader

It has cambered boom and can fed by truck unloader, mobile hopper and fixed belt conveyor.

The Bulk Vessels Can be Loaded By Ship Loader Conveyors.

SKE Industries mobile shiploaders can be called mobile barge loaders too. They are all developed by our rich experienced engineers. It ensures unrivalled flexibility when loading a bulk vessel. You can use our barge loading conveyor to load bulk carriers.

Vessel Type The Capacity of Bulk Carriers
Barge Capacity: 100-5,000(DWT), Clearance Height: 0-10'(0-3m), Length: 15-130m
Coaster Capacity: 500-6,000(DWT), Clearance Height: 6'7''-19'8''(2-6m), Length: 15-130m
Handysize Capacity: 10,000-35,000(DWT), Clearance Height: 13'-26'(4-8m), Length: 130-150m
Handymax Capacity: 35,000-50,000(DWT), Clearance Height: 20'-33'(6-10m), Length: 150-200m
PANAMAX Capacity: 60,000-80,000(DWT), Clearance Height: 33'-46'(10-14m), Length: 200-230m
CAPESIZE Capacity: 80,000-120,000(DWT), Clearance Height: 52.5'(16m), Length: 230-270m

What Should You Tell Our Engineers?

In order to provide reasonable ship loader for handling bulk materials, we need some dimensions of the loading vessel and the port. You can find the items below or ask for a form to fill from our seller.

1. Bulk Vessel Type 9. Beam Width
2. Total Load Capacity (DWT) 10. Hatch Width
3. Overall Length 11. Deck Width
4. Minimum Draft For Vessel 12. Fender Width
5. Maximum Draft for Vessel 13. Free-board Above Quay
6. Ground Pressure Requirement 14. Available Quay Width
7. Dock Height Above Water (High Tide) 15. Ship Height (Main Body)
8. Dock Height Above Water (Low Tide)  

Why Should You Invest in Our Mobile Shiploader?

SKE Industries's mobile ship loading conveyor equipment has a very strong advantage than traditional ship loader.

  • Less Engineering and Lower Investment

    Faster lead times compared to fixed systems requiring excessive engineering. Significantly lower capital investment than highly engineered and fixed ship loader conveyor system.

  • Quick Installation and Smaller Footprint

    Installation times of mobile barge loading conveyor measure in hours and days versus weeks or months. The mobile barge loader needs small footprint that creates more dock space for other opportunities.

  • High Mobility and Powerful Function

    Highly mobile shiploaders can rapidly move in and out of your operation. Multi-functional machinery performs loading, unloading and stockpiling tasks.

  • Resale Value and Quality Assurance

    SKE's mobile shiploaders have high resale value, even increasing over time. Quality of bulk material maintained throughout the loading conveyor handling process by our mobile ship loading equipment.

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