Mobile Conveyor

Mobile Conveyor
  • ZM Series Grasshopper Conveyor

    SKE grasshopper conveyor is known as jump conveyor and link conveyor. It is a type of mobile conveyors. The capacity is between 0-2000tph.

  • KY Radial Telescopic Mobile Conveyor

    SKE KY Radial Telescopic Mobile Conveyor is a new type bulk material handling conveyor system. It is mainly used in stacking bulk materials.

  • KY Wheeled Mobile Conveyor

    This is wheeled mobile conveyor. It can move by using wheel-mounted units. It is widely used in handling bulk materials.

  • KY Tracked Mobile Conveyor

    SKE KY tracked mobile conveyor is widely used in bulk material stockpiling . You can apply it in stacking quarry stone, mining ore, fertilizer, wood pellet, aggregate, sand, etc.

Are you looking for mobile conveyor manufacturer?

SKE is a professional mobile conveyors manufacturer in China. Our mobile conveyor system are develop based on more than 10 years' experience of aggregate conveying equipment manufacturing. We provide all types of mobile conveyor for different industries.

What mobile conveyors can we provide?

1. Wheeled Mobile Conveyor.
2 .Tracked Mobile Conveyor.
3. Raddial Telescopic Mobile Conveyor.

What are the applications of mobile conveyors?

Mobile conveyors are designed to meet different needs of bulk materials handling system. You can use our mobile conveyors to handle these material listed below.

1. River sand, artificial sand, aggregate, gravel, crushed rocks, etc.
2. Iron ore, copper ore, silver ore, manganese ore, bauxite, alumina ore, etc.
3. Coal, limestone, basalt, granite, feldspar, etc.
4. Steel plant slags, tailings, ore slag, construction waste, dirt mud, etc.
5. Wood chips, sawdust, fertilizer, etc.
6. Leaching plant crushed mineral ores.
7. Loading and unloading for ship, barge, truck, railway train, boat, railcar, etc.
8. Others, you may contact with us. Stockpiling management.

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