Belt Conveyor Components


Are you looking for belt conveyor component?

A belt conveyor consist of driving unit, truss frame, conveyor roller, conveyor pulley, conveyor belts, bracket frame, etc. SKE is a leading manufacturer of belt conveyor component in the world. We provide belt conveyor component for sale. You can not only get belt conveyor component but also complete belt conveyor system.

What belt conveyor component can we supply?

1. Conveyor Pulley: driving pulley, bend pulley, motorized pulley, take up pulley, snub pulley, etc.
2. Conveyor Roller: carrying roller, return roller, impact roller, rubber disc roller, spiral roller, etc.
3. Conveyor Belts:  pipe belt, steel cord belt, NN belt, pu belt, etc.
4. Conveyor Frame:  head frame, tail frame, middle frame, truss frame, stand legs, etc.
5. Tensioner:  gravity tensioning unit, screw tensioning unit, hydraulic tensioning unit, etc.
5. Other component you can tell me directly.

Why should you choose our belt conveyor component?

Many Years+ Experience: We have gained rich experience in researching & designing & manufacturing of belt conveyor  component in past years. We provided our customer lots of conveyor component.

Strong Manufacturing Ability: We have large scale conveyor machine manufacutring base in Shanghai, China. The manufacturing base is more than 60000 ㎡. We have the ability to carry out projects of any scale.

Easy Maintenance Designing: Our belt conveyor component is highly standardized. The supply of vulnerable parts is sufficient. The whole structure is designed with the ability of Easy Maintenance. You only need to do routine maintenance to keep the machine running stably.

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