Conveyor Covers
Conveyor Covers

Conveyor Covers

Also known as conveyor hoods, belt conveyor covers serve a number of purposes. Conveyor owners may want to protect the material they handle from weather conditions like rain or wind.

Do you know how much product is unrecoverable every year due to conveyor systems being open to the elements? Don't let wind & water wash your product away, cover it today! We offer a full line of Conveyor Covers and Hoods designed to provide protection from the elements for the conveyed cargo and the Conveyor's components and accessories and ensure worker safety while allowing easy inspection and maintenance.

Conveyor Cover Styles

Belt Conveyor Cover Styles

Full Cover 48” (1,219mm)
3/4 Cover 42” (1,066mm) and 18” (457mm) supports
1/2 Cover 42” (1,066mm) and 18” (457mm) supports
Full Cover w/Window 48” (1,219mm)
Full Low Profile 48” (1,219mm)

Belt Conveyor Cover Materials

Materials Applications
Galvanized Approved corrosive resistance in nearly every environment.
Lacquered Steel Colored to blend in with surroundings or branding.
AMZ 200 New Type Paint Coated Steel for extreme corrosive marine climate and environmental conditions.
Stainless Steel Highly corrosive environments.
Aluminum Lightest weight material for easy manipulation.
Fiberglass Avoid contamination in the food industries.

Belt Conveyor Cover Features

1. Easy and safe of operation for realizing inspection, maintenance and repair work at conveying systems.
2. Self-supporting hood-bracket system.
3. Opening, latching and closing on both sides through one person without any tool.
4. No loose parts such as tightening straps, nuts or screwed connections when opening, latching or closing.
5. Additional attachment components are not necessary at the belt conveyor structure.
6. Cost-effective special solutions are possible.
7. Problem-free connection to junction plates or facing.

Belt Cover Catalog Download

Conveyor Covers and Hoods Catalog

Industrial Conveyor Covers

Installing conveyor covers protects workers from accidentally contacting moving parts. Installing conveyor covers also reduces product loss of lightweight materials such as gypsum and sand during high wind or rain conditions. SKE Industries conveyor system covers are ideal for:
1. Steel Mills
2. Paper Mills
3. Chemical Processing Plants
4. Fertilizer Plants
5. Foundries and Foundry Facilities
6. Coal Mine Facilities
7. Coal Mine Conveyor Covers
8. Power Plants
9. Gravel Mills
10. Grain Mills

Custom Conveyor Belt Covers

We can custom manufacture conveyor belt covers for any width, length, and configuration of the conveyor. You have a variety of materials to choose from. Contact our engineers today to see which material and cover design suits your operation. We will ensure that your conveyor complies with all local labor and environmental regulations.

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