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Wing Pulley

SKE Conveyor wing pulleys provide effective self-cleaning action that reduces excessive material build up. You can get mine duty wing pulley, heavy duty wing pulley, spiral wing pulley, chevron wing pulley, and herringbone wing pulley from us.

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The belt conveyor wing pulley is known as self-cleaning pulleys. The extra heavy duty construction reduces the possibility of metal fatigue and enhances the dependability of the pulley. It is widely used in Aggregate & Cement, Mining, Paper & Forest, Power Generation, Unit & Baggage Handling, etc.

  • Winged Tail Pulley

    Mine duty and quarry duty and heavy duty pulleys provide effective self-cleaning action reducing material build-up. The duty construction reduces the possibility of metal fatigue and enhances the dependability of the pulley. Ideally suited for harsh application and abrasive conditions.
    DIAMETER: 6” – 60”(152mm – 1524mm); FACE WIDTH: 12” – 78”(305mm – 1980mm); It is Customizable.

  • Spiral Wing Pulley

    Available in crow spiral wing pulleys are formed by winding flat bar spirally from the center of a wing pulley to the outside ends. This continuous belt contact design eliminates excessive noise and vibration, while still providing a cleaning effect and allowing a path for debris to escape rather than being trapped between the pulley and belt. n or Flat Face.
    Diameter: 12" – 60"; FACE WIDTH: 12" – 75"; It is Customizable.

  • Chevron Wing Pulley

    Before the chevron pulley, traditional wing pulley designs were notorious for trapping rocks, gathering fugitive material and bending prematurely.Chevron Wing Pulleys reject and repel any incoming fugitive material, which significantly extends the operating life of your conveyor and many of its components.
    DIAMETER: 10” - 42”; FACE WIDTH: 12” - 75”; It can be tail and gravity take-up; It is Customizable.

  • Herringbone Wing Pulley

    Herringbone wing pulley was designed for those applications where conventional wings suffer from excessive material lodging and wing folding. The extreme wing angles of up to 45 degrees, use the rotation of the pulley to eject material out the sides of the pulley rather than recirculating it as a conventional wing often does.
    DIAMETER: 12” - 60”; FACE WIDTH: 12” - 78”; This is a precision pulley. It is Customizable.

Belt Conveyor Wing Pulleys Specification
Standard You can get DIN/ AFNOR/ FEM/ ASTM/ CEMA standard wing pulleys from our company.
DIA. 6"-60", 152-1524mm
FACE WIDTH 12"-102", 305-2590mm
Types Mine Duty Wing Pulley, Heavy Duty Wing Pulley, Wing Tail Pulley, Spiral Wing Pulley, Chevron Wing Pulley, and Herringbone Wing Pulleys
Customizable Yes

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