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Conveyor Drive Pulley

A Conveyor Drive Pulley(Conveyor Head Pulley) is an unit to be used for the purpose of driving a conveyor belt. Normally mounted in external type bearings and driven by a motor and reducer. Conveyor Drive pulleys can be flat faced or crowned and many have lagging to reduce belt slippage. Conveyor drum pulleys, wing pulleys and spiral pulleys are the most common style of drive pulleys.

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The Conveyor Head/Drive Pulley is located at the discharge terminus of the conveyor. It provides the driving force for the conveyor. In order to increase pulley life and traction, it often has a larger diameter than other pulleys. SKE can supply head pulleys with hot vulcanized rubber lagging, plain or grooved, as required by client. Different patterns of grooving such as herringbone or diamond can be provided to increase tractive friction under dirty or wet conditions. Diamond grooves have the advantage of being installed in any orientation, regardless of belt direction. It can be used in many industries such as aggregate & sand production, mining & mineral processing, food processing, and warehousing, manufacturing and logistics applications. 


Features of Head Pulley (Drive Pulley)

(1). Low friction coefficient, warterpoof, effective sealing system, 
(2). High accurate steel pipes ensure the rollers with low vibration and noise. 
(3). Multi-labyrinth seals achieve waterproof and dust proof. 
(4). Adopt good bearing make sure the long lifetime, stable running and good quality. 
(5). Stable running, good quality and attractive price.

Components of Drive Pulley (Head Pulley)

a. High quality raw material: Q235 / Q 245 / Mn steel plate.
b. Bearing: LYC, HRB, NTN, etc.
c. Long service life (about 8 years).
d. It can work in the dusty, wet, muddy or other harsh environments.
e. Welding: Mixed gas TIG.
f. Surface: painting or rubber coated.
g. Lubrication: Lithium grease, rust inhibitor.

Tech Datasheet


Structure of conveyor drive pulley and head pulley

Parameter of conveyor drive drum pulley (head drum pulley)
Type Belt width(mm) Standard diameter(mm) Length(mm)
Driving pulley 500 500 Length of pulley depends on the 
width of conveyor
650 500~630
800 630~1000
1000 800~1150
1200 800~1150
1400 1000~1350
1600 1150~1600
1800 1150~1800
2000 1350~2000
2200 1600~2200
2400 1800~2400
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