• Conveyor Lagged Pulley & Lagging Pulley
  • Conveyor Lagged Pulley & Lagging Pulley
  • Conveyor Lagged Pulley & Lagging Pulley
  • Conveyor Lagged Pulley & Lagging Pulley
  • Conveyor Lagged Pulley & Lagging Pulley

Lagged Pulley

Lagged pulley is a conveyor pulley covered by pulley lagging material. SKE provides plain rubber, diamond grooved rubber, and ceramic lagging conveyor pulley.

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The lagged pulley can be head pulley, tail pulley, take-up pulley, snub pulley, and bend pulley. With pulley lagging material, the lagging pulley can protect the shell from damage, increase friction between the conveyor belt and the pulley. It can be used in industries of mining, quarry, power plant, sand plant, cement, coal, port, steel, etc.

  • diamond lagged pulley

    Diamond Lagged Pulley

    Diamond profile rubber lagged pulleys. Diamond grooved rubber lagging is generally applied to require more fiction to the conveyor belt.

  • ceramics lagged pulley

    Ceramics Lagged Pulley

    Ceramics & Profile rubber lagged pulleys. You can get Dimple Ceramic Lagging and Smooth Ceramic Lagging Pulleys from our company.

  • herringbone lagged pulley

    Herringbone Lagged Pulleys

    Herringbone profile rubber lagged pulleys. It is used on conveyor drive pulleys. The conveyor belt grooves is in direction of rotation.

  • Plain & Smooth Lagged Pulley

    Plain Lagged Pulley

    Plain and smooth rubber lagged pulleys. Plain Rubber Lagging for non-drive pulleys to provide better traction for the conveyor belt.

Belt Conveyor Lagged Pulley Specification
Belt Width 500-2800mm (19-110.2 inch)
Pulley Length 500-3200mm (19-125.9 inch)
Diameter 200-1800mm (7.8-70.8 inch)
Standard ISO9001:2008, CEMA, DIN, TUV, JIS, AS/NS, etc.
Working Life More than 30,000 hours.
Surface Flat Rubber Lagged, Ceramic Lagged, Diamond Rubber Lagged, etc.
Main Material Carbon Steel
Lagged Thickness The popular thickness is 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 19mm, 25mm and larger (Customizable).
Length of conveyor Lagged pulley depends on the width of conveyor Belt. You can get Lagged pulleys with hot vulcanized rubber lagging, plain or grooved, as required by client.

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