• Motorized Conveyor Pulley | Motor Drum
  • Motorized Conveyor Pulley | Motor Drum
  • Motorized Conveyor Pulley | Motor Drum
  • Motorized Conveyor Pulley | Motor Drum
  • Motorized Conveyor Pulley | Motor Drum

Motorized Pulley / Motor Drum

A Belt Conveyor Motorized Pulley (Motor Drum) is a compact, hermetically sealed, highly efficient conveyor driving unit that would not be affected by dust, water, oil, grease or other harmful substances. Motorized Pulley System consists of a motor sealed and protected inside and outer metal drum.

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The Motorized Conveyor Pulley (Motor Drum) is mainly used for driving conveyor belt. With our focus on quality products and excellent customer service, we are able to successfully deliver motorized pulley systems to our partners. Our Motorized Pulleys are used in major applications like mining, cement, quarries, port, recycling, and demolition.

  • diamond lagged pulley

    Flameproof Motorized Drum Pulley

    Flameproof Motorized Drum Pulley is used in dust and gas environments that are prone to explosion like conveying coal, sugar, etc. Explosion-proof grade can be customized according to customer.

  • ceramics lagged pulley

    Normal Motorized Drum Pulley

    Normal Motorized pulley just take a smaller space than traditional driving pulley. It is suit for modern bulk materials handling system of different industries like mining, port, power, quarry, etc.

Belt Conveyor Motorized Drum Pulley (Motor Drum)
Component The Motorized Conveyor Drum Pulley includes pulley shell, bracket, coupler, motor and gear reducer.
Types 1. Built-out Gear-Reducing Motorized Pulley
2. Oil-steeped Motorized Pulley
3. Oil-cooled Motorized Pulley
4. Explosion-proof Oil-cooled Motorized Pulley
Driving Power 1.5~630KW(Customizable)
Velocity 0.35~4.0(m/s)(Customizable)
Belt Width 400mm-2600mm(Customizable)
Drum Diameter 200mm-1800mm(Customizable)
Type conveyor Belt Conveyor, Mobile Conveyor, Stacking Conveyor, Mobile Shiploader, etc.
Surface Smooth steel surface, rubber faced, rubber lagged, ceramic lagged, diamond rubber covered.
Standard ISO9001:2008, CEMA, DIN, TUV, etc.
Application Used in mining, coal mine, steel industry, cement industry, aggregate industry and so on.
Service life More than 30,000 hours.

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