• Motorized Conveyor Pulley
  • Motorized Conveyor Pulley
  • Motorized Conveyor Pulley
  • Motorized Conveyor Pulley
  • Motorized Conveyor Pulley

Motorized Conveyor Pulley

A Motorized Conveyor Pulley is a compact, hermetically sealed, highly efficient conveyor driving unit that would not be affected by dust, water, oil, grease or other harmful substances. Motorized Conveyor Pulley Systems consist of a motor sealed and protected inside an outer metal drum. Inside the drum, the motor is electrically driven and oil-lubricated. The outer drum serves as a traction pulley, driving the conveyor belt forward.

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The Motorized Conveyor Pulley is mainly used for driving conveyor belt. And it is widely used in bulk materials handling conveyor system.

With our focus on quality products and excellent customer service, we are able to successfully deliver motorized pulley systems to our partners in industries such as aggregate & sand production, mining & mineral processing, food processing, and warehousing, manufacturing and logistics applications

SKE offers the most complete range of premium Motorized Pulleys designed for bulk handling industries. SKE Motorized Pulleys are used in major applications such as mining, cement, quarries, recycling, and demolition.


1. Highly Integrated and Compact

The SKE internally powered conveyor drum motors utilize a low-profile, space saving design that is quick and simple to install even in restricted areas. The Motor, Gear Drive and all moving parts are enclosed inside the Drum. There is no external motor, gear reducer, sprockets, chain, or OSHA required guarding - so no external maintenance is needed.

2. Hermetically Sealed

The SKE AC Squirrel-Cage Induction Motor and Gearbox are hermetically sealed within the oil-filled steel Shell, creating a highly reliable conveyor drive which requires little-to-no maintenance. Sealing the drive-train within the pulley shell protects it from abrasive and corrosive environments. The Gearbox, Motor Bearings, and Support Bearings are automatically splash-lubricated. Since the Pulley Shaft is "dead" (non-rotating), there are no external pillow blocks to lubricate. Maintenance is reduced to changing gear oil every 10,000 operating hours or every 30,000 hours using synthetic gear oil.

3. VFD Compatible

Motorized Pulleys are Variable Frequency Drive compatible. Various options enable them to drive inclined, reversing, articulating, and high-duty cycle conveyors. Each Motorized Pulley provides specific HP at fixed belt speeds within a particular Pulley diameter and face width. Variable Frequency Drives provide belt speed flexibility.

4. Simple Mounting

SKE Motorized Pulleys simplify conveyor drive mounting in challenging locations such as tail drives, dual drives, and center nest drives. To mount our Motorized Pulley, simply align the pulley, fasten four mounting bolts to the conveyor structure, and make the electrical connections.

5. External Options

SKE offers a choice in surface finishes (including stainless steel in some models), lagging (including rubber and ceramic), and sealing system (including standard and labyrinth seals), which further contribute to superior service life in abrasive, and wet or corrosive environments.

6. Internal Options

SKE's optional Internal Mechanical Backstops and DC Brakes fit directly to the Motor Rotor Shaft. This gives them mechanical advantage (as high as 100:1) and protect them within our hermetically sealed environment.

7. Broad Product Line

The SKE Motorized Pulley offering includes nine (9) different diameters combining 0.33 to 330 HP motors with two- or three-stage Gearboxes in any face width. Plant operators and designers can find a single-drive or dual-drive SKE Motorized Pulley package to meet virtually any application.

Tech Datasheet
Belt Conveyor Motorized Drum Pulley
Component The Motorized Conveyor Drum Pulley includes pulley shell, bracket and gear reducer. Driver includes electric motor, coupler, hydraulic coupler, stop-reverse unit and brakes, etc. Bracket is welded by steel sheet and used for erecting electric motor and its cover, and also designed and made by customer.
Types 1. YTH Built-out Gear-Reducing Motorized Conveyor Pulley
2. YT(YII) Oil-steeped Motorized Conveyor Pulley
3. TDY Oil-cooled Motorized Conveyor Pulley
4. YD Oil-steeped Motorized Conveyor Pulley
5. DY-1 Oil-steeped Motorized Conveyor Pulley
6. YDB Explosion-proof Oil-cooled Motorized Conveyor Pulley
Power 1.5~7.5kw~37kw~75kw~200 KW(Customizable)
Velocity of pulley surface 0.35 ~4.0 V(m/s)(Customizable)
Belt Width 400mm~2000mm(Customizable)
Drum Diameter 110mm~1000mm(Customizable)
Type conveyor In-plant Conveyor, Mobile Conveyor,  Portable Conveyor,  Stacking Conveyor, Mobile Shiploader, etc.
Bearing big roving crack, deep groove ball with double sealing
Welding pipe & bearing housing with automatic welding
Surface smooth steel surface, rubber face, rubber lagging, diamond rubber covered
Color Red, yellow, blue or as require
Standard ISO9001:2008, CEMA, DIN, TUV, etc.
Application Used in coal mine, steel industry, cement industry and so on
Service life More than 30,000 hours
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