• Conveyor Snub Pulley
  • Conveyor Snub Pulley
  • Conveyor Snub Pulley
  • Conveyor Snub Pulley
  • Conveyor Snub Pulley

Conveyor Snub Pulley

Snub pulleys are conveying system components that are individually designed and manufactured in different sizes and for different conveying requirements. We offer snub pulleys, both with and without lagging.

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Snub pulleys are used to increase the wrap angle of the conveyor belt to reduce the pulling force of the belt. Conveyor snub pulleys can therefore optimize the cost of your conveying system, since they reduce the belt tension which means that a conveyor belt with a lower belt strength can be used for the same purpose.


1. Solid design, suitable for heavy lifting.

2. The bearing housing and steel tube are assembled and welded with a concentric automatic.

3. Cutting of the steel tube and bearing is performed with the use of a digital auto device/machine/equipment.

4. The bearing end is constructed to ensure that the roller shaft and bearing can be firmly connected.

5. Fabrication of the roller is effected by an auto device and 100% tested for its concentrically.

6. Roller and supporting components/materials are manufactured to DIN/ AFNOR/ FEM/ ASTM/ CEMA standard.

7. The casing is manufactured with highly composite, anti corrosive alloy.

8. The roller is lubricated and free from maintenance.

9. Waring life expectancy is up to 30,000 hours or more, depending on usage.

10. Vacuum sealed which has withstood anti water, salt, snuff, sandstone and dust proof experiments

Tech Datasheet
Conveyor Snub Pulley Specification
Type Belt width(mm) Standard diameter(mm) Length(mm)
Snub Pulley 500 500 Length of snub pulley depends on the width of conveyor belt. You can get plain rubber, diamond grooved rubber, and ceramic lagging conveyor snub pulleys.
650 500~630
800 630~1000
1000 800~1150
1200 800~1150
1400 1000~1350
1600 1150~1600
1800 1150~1800
2000 1350~2000
2200 1600~2200
2400 1800~2400
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