Belt Conveyor Manufacturer and Suppliers

Belt Conveyor Manufacturer and Suppliers

SKE is a belt conveyor manufacturers in China. As a famous belt conveyor supplier, you can get all types of conveyors from our company.

Inclined Side Wall Belt Conveyor

We are inclined belt conveyor manufacturer and suppliers. When you need to transport material at steeper angles than is possible with conventional conveyor belts, sidewall belts are the way to go. Their cross-stiff base belt and corrugated rubber sidewalls combine with a variety of different-sized cleats to ensure your material stays in place.

Troughed Belt Conveyor

We are troughed belt conveyor manufacturer and suppliers. The Troughed belt conveyor is used for the quick and efficient transport of various materials such as glass, cans, sand, and paper over greater distances. This conveyor requires little maintenance because it is driven by a drum motor and all the bearings are lubricated for life.

Mobile Belt Conveyor

We are mobile conveyor manufacturer and suppliers. SKE has a range of mobile conveyors and systems that offer the perfect solution for a wide range of applications including overburden removal, heap leach placement, in-pit crushing, underground and temporary conveying.

Pipe Belt Conveyor

We are pipe belt conveyor manufacturer and suppliers. pipe conveyor belts, or tube conveyor belts, are used for enclosed material transport. After loading in the conventionally troughed belt, the belt is formed into a pipe shape with overlapped belt edges. The material is then completely enclosed by the belt. A key advantage of closed pipe conveyor belts is their highly flexible design, which means they can be built to follow the contours of any landscape.

Overland Belt Conveyor

We are overland belt conveyor manufacturer and suppliers. More and more operations are conducting feasibility studies into the use of overland conveyors (sometimes called ground-line conveyors) for long-distance transport of bulk material. Their spreadsheets reveal a startling picture of the rising day-to-day costs associated with using haul trucks in challenging applications.

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