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The Common Types of Idlers in Belt Conveyor

The Common Types of Idlers in Belt Conveyor

Here we just introduce the common types of idlers in belt conveyor. They are impact idlers, carrying idlers, return idlers, training idlers.

The conveyor idlers are used to support conveyor belts. There are different types of conveyor idlers divided according to manufacturing material and their functions. Here we just introduce the common types of idlers in belt conveyor.

Impact Idlers

The impact idlers are installed under the loading section of belt conveyor. They are mainly used to absorb impacting power from the conveyed materials. In some operations, we need impact bed to replace impact idlers.

Carrying Idlers

The carrying idlers are installed on the upper of truss frame. carrying idler support the belt and load in the transport section of the conveyor and are designed and manufactured with trough angels of 20°, 35°, 45°, and any other angle are also manufactured as per customer's design and drawings of the trough carrying idler.

Return Idlers

We are conveyor return idler manufacturer and provide flat return idler, self-aligning return idler, v return idler, and friction return idler for sale. Return idlers are used to support the belt as it cycles around to be loaded again.

Training Idlers

The training idlers are suitable for use in tracking of both return and load-carrying side and find use in reversible conveyor belts, high-load conveyor belts slow moving conveyor belts. Training idlers can help keep conveyor belt running in right direction.

These four types if conveyor idlers are the most commonly used in belt conveyor. SKE Industries provide belt conveyor idlers for sale. You can get all standard (JIS / CEMA (CEMA B, C, D, E, F) / DIN / ISO / GB / AS / GOST / SANS) of conveyor idlers for different countries.

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