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Aggregate Conveyor Parts for Belt Conveyor

Aggregate Conveyor Parts for Belt Conveyor

You can get all types of conveyor parts of belt conveyors. The aggregate conveyor parts mainly include belts, idlers, drum and wing pulleys, motors, cleaner, gearbox reducer, truss frame, etc.

Conveyor Belt

Our stock consists of conveyor belt ranging from 24'' to 60'' width. Our conveyor belt is available with different plies, thicknesses, compositions and covers.

Conveyor Idlers

Depending on your requirements of aggregate conveyor parts, our aggregate conveyor idlers for belt widths of 18'' through 60'' and roll diameters of 4'' 5'' and 6”. These idlers are equal roll troughers, and are rated either CEMA B, CEMA C or CEMA D.

Drum Pulley

Our heavy-duty welded steel face conveyor pulleys are available in a multitude of sizes. Our larger than standard rim thickness, end and center disc maximizes our pulley strength and minimizes longitudinal deflection. Having the ability to manufacture most sizes allows us to provide quick and dependable deliveries. Mine duty pulleys are also available upon request.

Wing Pulley

Our heavy-duty welded wing pulley construction and tight spacing of the wings reduces the likelihood of fatigue and failure. The gussets and wings are manufactured on a solid pipe running across the face width of the pulley to provide additional strength. The self-cleaning angles of the wings allows the material to be discharged away from the belt and the pulley to help prevent material build-up and ultimately belt damage.

Belt Cleaner

These conveyor belt cleaners are available in belt widths from 18'' to 72''. The replacement blades are available in different compositions depending on your specific application of belt conveyor in different industries.


You also can get Tape-ups, Impact Beds, Speed Sensors, Skirt Board Rubber, etc.

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