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Tracked Mobile Belt Conveyor for Aggregate, Sand, Coal, etc

Tracked Mobile Belt Conveyor for Aggregate, Sand, Coal, etc

SKE Industries provide mobile belt conveyor including tracked and wheeled types. Our tracked mobile belt conveyor is mainly used in stockyard of bulk materials like Aggregate, Sand, Coal, etc.

Why Are Tracked Mobile belt conveyor So Popular?

SKE Industries found that more and more our customer needs stockpile more products on their stockyard, so the need increase the stockpiling areas and piles’ height. At the same time, we also provide the moving ability with tracked crawler to increase the moving efficiency.

What Are The Applications of Tracked Mobile Belt Conveyor?

In the past we just use it in aggregate & sand crushing plant, but now you can use it in different industries like coal handling, mining, port & terminal, power, chemical, foods, biomass, cement, recycling, etc,

And you can use it to stockpile bulk materials like:
Construction Materials: Aggregate, Sand, Clinker, Gravel, etc.
Ores: Iron ore, potash, copper ore, zinc ore, lead ore, coal, limestone, etc.
Fertilizer: chemical fertilizer, bio-fertilizer, etc.
Foods: Grains, Wheat, Rice, Beans, etc.
Paper: Wood chips (sawdust).
Recycling: crushed brick, plastic, etc.

What Tracked stacker conveyor Can We Supply?

1. KTB tracked conveyors like KTB1020, KTB1024, KTB1030,
2. KTF tracked hopper feeder like KTF1223,
3. KTL tracked feeder conveyor like KTL1223,
4. KTR tracked radial stacking conveyor like KTR1023,
5. Radial Telescopic Conveyors,
6. ZM jump conveyor for transferring.

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