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Tracked Conveyors

Tracked Conveyors

SKE Industries is a tracked conveyors manufacturer in China. We provide tracked mobile conveyors including foldable tracked conveyors, tracked radial conveyors, tracked feeder conveyor, tracked low feeder conveyor and so on. And our tracked stacker conveyors are widely used in loading and stockpiling of bulk materials.

Why Have We Developed Tracked Conveyors?

SKE Industries are acutely aware that the market needs highly efficient, and movable tracked stacker conveyor to help our customers to meet different requirements of each material handling operation. They are not only tracked conveyors but also tracked stackers. When we provide solutions, you need to provide information like:

  • discharge height,
  • transfer length,
  • condition of terrain,
  • availability of power,
  • the frequency of repositioning,
  • and throughput.

Equipment Manufacturing Base

  • 60000

    Factory (㎡)

  • 100+


  • 20+

    R&D Engineers

  • 20+

    Welders Certified

  • 160+

    Marketing Areas

  • 1000+


What are the Applications of Tracked Stacker?

You can use our tracked mobile stacker conveyor to handle bulk materials like aggregate, compost, sand & gravel, biomass, mattresses, scrap metal, brownfield reclamation, MSW, topsoil, C&D waste, mulch, coal, limes, mineral ores, foods (grains, beans, rice, wheat, etc.), bauxite and so on .

Our Tracked Conveyors can reduce the need of haulage on-site and they can be used in stockyards of crushing and screening plant, quarry, mine, port, power, wood chips plant, heap leaching plant, etc .

Crawler For Radial Travelling of Conveyors

Crawler For Radial Travelling of Conveyors

You may need the crawlers to realize radial travelling of a conveyor in an open-pit quarry or mine.

Crawler For Moving of Conveyor Machines

Crawler For Moving of Conveyor Machines

You may need the crawlers to move the whole unit in ports, heap leaching plants, stockyards, etc.

Why to Choose Our Tracked Conveyor?

  • Mobility and Flexibility

    Tracked conveyors are mounted on tracks or crawler systems, allowing them to move easily over various surfaces, including uneven terrains, gravel, and soft grounds.

  • Versatility in Applications

    Tracked conveyors are versatile and can be used in various applications, including construction sites, quarries, mining operations, and recycling facilities.

  • Reduced Civil Working

    Tracked conveyors often require less site preparation compared to fixed or wheeled conveyors, reducing the need for extensive foundations or support structures.

  • Time and Cost Savings

    Tracked conveyors contribute to efficient material handling, reducing the time and cost associated with loading, unloading, and transporting bulk materials within a site.

  • Increased Safety Operation

    Tracked conveyors provide stability on uneven terrain, reducing the risk of tipping or instability during material transport.

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