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Regulations on the protection of belt conveyor in underground mining

With the construction and development of large-scale mines, long-distance, large capacity, high-speed belt conveyor for mining has been widely used. At present, belt conveyor has become the main means of ore transportation in underground coal mining, gold mining, iron mining, copper mining and other mineral mining production lines. Let's mainly introduce the protection regulations of belt conveyor in underground coal mining.

Conveyor guards for tail pulley
Conveyor guards for tail pulley

Regulations on the protection of belt conveyor in mining

The following regulations shall be followed for the underground coal mining conveyor belt.

1. Flame retardant conveyor belt must be used for coal mine conveyor;
2. The roadway arranged by the conveyor must have sufficient lighting;
3. The driving pulley needs anti-skid protection, coal-stacking protection and anti-deviation protection device;
4. It is necessary to install temperature protection, smoke protection device and automatic sprinkler;
5. Belt anti-tearing device;
6. The conveyor head drive pulley and the guide pulley at the tail need to be equipped with anti release guard rails;
7. Anti reverse device and brake device shall be installed for upward (inlcined) transport conveyor in inclined mine roadway, and brake device shall be installed for downward (declined) transport conveyor;
8. Combustible medium shall not be used for hydraulic coupler;
9. A bridge must be set acrossing the the pedestrian crossing belt in the conveyor tunnel ;
10. The conveyor needs to be equipped with a soft start device, and the downward (declined) conveyor needs a soft brake device.

Conveyor guards for return idler
Conveyor guards for return idler

Protection regulations for safety protection devices of belt conveyor

In order to protect the electrical equipment and personal safety in coal mines(underground coal mining conveyor belt), it is necessary to set up good protective devices.

1. The exposed electrical equipment shall be equipped with protective fence;
2. There should be a bridge for people to cross the low point of the belt conveyor;
3. Necessary fire-fighting equipment shall be provided in the control room.
4. The belt conveyor in the main roadway must be supported by incombustible materials within 20 m of the front and rear ends of the head.
5. The roadway using the hydraulic coupling of the belt conveyor shall be equipped with fire-fighting equipment. The quantity, specification and storage location shall be determined in the mine disaster prevention and treatment plan.
6. It is forbidden to transport blasting materials with belt conveyor.

Safety protection regulations for brake device of belt conveyor

Under the normal working or fault state of the belt conveyor in the mine, according to different parking requirements, necessary braking must be adopted, while in the braking process, the braking device of the belt conveyor must be flexible and reliable, and the transmission mechanism, brake shoe and contact area of each part shall meet the following requirements.

1. Each transmission rod of the brake device is flexible and reliable, and each pin shaft is not loose or lack of oil. There is no oil stain on the surface of the brake wheel and no oil leakage in the hydraulic system.

2. When the brake is released, the clearance between the brake-shoes shall not be greater than 2 mm; while braking, the brake-shoes shall be in close contact with the brake wheel, and the effective contact area shall not be less than 60%.

3. The brake belt (brake-shoe lining belt) of the steel wire traction belt conveyor brake device is not broken, and the residual thickness of wear is not less than 3 mm. The groove depth on the surface of the brake wheel shall not be greater than 1.5 mm, and the total groove width shall not exceed 10% of the effective width of the brake wheel.

Conveyor guards for operation safety
Conveyor guards for operation safety

Safety guards device of mine belt conveyor

1. Deviation and protection device of conveyor belt
2. Drive pulley slip and monitoring protection device: tube type slip protection device, roller type slip protection device
3. Coal mine stacking protection device
4. Wire rope core anti-fracture and tear protection device
5. Mine temperature alarm and fire extinguishing device
6. Safety protection device for inclined transportation (inclined transportation and declined transportation)
7. Flying belt protection device of declined transport conveyor
8. Protection device along the conveyor: button type and pull rope type switch
9. Other protective devices, etc

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