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Conveyor belt anti-deviation protection and side travel switch device

As a kind of material conveying equipment with low investment, easy maintenance and strong environment adaptability, belt conveyor plays an important part in underground ore mining. The deviation of conveyor belt is a common problem while belt conveyor is in operation. If the conveyor belt deviates, the edge of the conveyor belt will be torn and damaged, the coal will be scattered, and the fire will be caused by excessive friction in serious cases. This following introduces in detail the causes of conveyor belt deviation, some methods to prevent conveyor belt side travel, and how to use deviation monitoring device to monitor belt deviation.

Conveyor Belt Side Travel Monitoring and Switch
Conveyor Belt Side Travel Monitoring and Switch

What reasons cause belt deviation?

During the operation, any position of the conveyor belt may happen conveyor belt side travel . The following are the main causes of belt deviation.

1. The center line of idler and conveyor belt is not vertical;
2. The pulley is not perpendicular to the center line of the conveyor belt,
3. Uneven stress of conveyor belt;
4. The loading is caused by the deviation of one side;
5. Coal powder and other transported materials are stuck on the part of pulley;
6. The quality of conveyor belt is not qualified, for example, the stress of wire rope core is not equal.

Conveyor belt anti devitation using troughed idler groups
Conveyor belt anti devitation using troughed idler groups

How to prevent the conveyor belt deviation

Reasonable design of conveyor system can effectively reduce the probability of conveyor belt side travel. Here are some measures to prevent the side travelling of conveyor belts.

1. Use drum roller;
2. The idlers on both sides of the troughed idler group are 2 ° - 3 ° forward;
3. The conveyor is equipped with the self-aligning idler group, which has the self alignment function;
4. Removable conveyor and hanging conveyor use inclined idler;
5. Improve the assembly quality of the conveyor, the vulcanization joint of the conveyor belt is even, the idler and pulley are perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the conveyor, etc.

Working principle of conveyor belt deviation monitoring device

In order to prevent the accident of belt deviation, we need to install a deviation monitoring device along the conveyor, which can automatically stop the machine when continuous deviation occurs. We can call it conveyor belt deviation or conveyor belt side travel switch.

At present, most of the belt conveyor adopts the conveyor side travel switch for anti-deviation protection. It mainly consists of deviation monitoring sensors and automatic control box. When the conveyor belt deviates, the conveyor belt pushes the vertical idler laterally, which makes the moving contact and the fixed contact of the sensor contact, and the belt conveyor can be shut down by controlling the power cut. Generally, the roller travel switch with handle rod is used to check the deviation of conveyor belt.

Installation position of anti-deviation protection device

The anti-deviation device of long-distance belt conveyor shall be installed within the range of 50-100mm from the outer edge of the groove supporting idlers. One group shall be installed every 50m for the carrying belt and one group for every 100m for the return belt. For short distance belt conveyor, the anti-deviation device is mainly installed at the head and tail.

Conveoyr Belt Anti Deviation Protection Device
Conveoyr Belt Anti Deviation Protection Device

Test methods of anti-deviation protection device

There are two test methods for the anti-deviation (skid) protection device: one is that the inductive anti-skid protection device can automatically stop the belt conveyor by rotating the sensor direction; the other is to lift the roller away from the belt surface, and the belt conveyor can automatically stop the machine.

Belt conveyor anti-deviation protection system supplier

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