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Belt conveyor guards device for safety protection!

Belt conveyor is an important equipment of bulk material transportation. With the wide use of large capacity and high efficiency belt conveyor, the safety monitoring technology and guarding devices of belt conveyor have become more and more important, especially for coal mining and metal mine ore mining. The safety protection of belt conveyor is mainly reflected in two aspects: electrical safety protection and operation safety protection.

Belt sliping detection device

What is the safety protection device for belt conveyor?

Conveyor safety protection system device is a kind of equipment that can monitor and alarm in case of any fault in the work of conveyor.

What is the functions for belt conveyor guards device?

The conveyor guards device are the equipment which can monitor and alarm when the belt conveyor breaks down. It can make the conveyor system work safely, run normally, prevent the damage of the mechanical part, protect the safety of the operator, in addition, it is also convenient for centralized control and improve the automation level.

What are the standards of belt conveyor safety protection devices?

The design, manufacturing, transportation and use of electrical and safety protection devices shall meet the requirements of relevant national or industrial standards, such as IEC439 ---low voltage switch-gear and control devices; GB4720 ---electrical control equipment with low voltage electrical appliances; GB-3797 electrical control equipment with electronic devices. We can provide belt conveyor safety protection devices that meet the standards of different countries and regions.

What are the types of belt conveyor safety protection device

The conveyor guard requirements are mainly divided into electrical protection device and safety protection device.

Electrical protection device

The main circuit shall be equipped with voltage and current instrument indicators, circuit, short circuit, over-current (overload), phase loss, grounding and other protection as well as acoustic and optical alarm indications. The indicators shall be sensitive and reliable.

Safety monitoring device

Belt deviation detection device: it needs to be used in combination with the rope pulling switch. It is generally installed at the head, tail, middle of the conveyor and the detection points required detection. When the slight deviation reaches 5% bandwidth, a signal alarm will be sent out. When the serious deviation reaches 10% bandwidth, it will delay action, alarm and stop normally.

Belt slip detection device: it is used to monitor the linear speed difference between the driving pulley and the conveyor belt, and it can alarm, automatically tension the conveyor belt or stop the machine normally.

conveyor belt speed sensor
conveyor belt speed sensor

Belt over-speed detection device: The conveyor belt speed sensor is used for declined or declined operation conditions.It is a conveyor belt speed measuring unit. When the belt speed reaches 115% - 125% of the rated belt speed, it will alarm and emergency stop .

Conveyor pull cord switch : rope pulling cord switch for emergency stop along the line. Conveyor components pull cord switch shall be installed on both sides of the rack every 60m. After the action, the switch will lock, alarm and stop. All these conveyor safety pull cord switch should follow rules of conveyor pull cord installation standards

Other safety protection devices: other hopper blocking signals, longitudinal tearing signals and tension, braking signals, temperature measurement signals, etc., can be selected as required.

Drive pulley anti-skid protection device: when the drive pulley and the conveyor belt slip and rub, the belt conveyor automatically stops, mainly including inductive anti-skid protection device and roller anti-skid protection device.

Inductive anti-skid protection device: the magnet is installed on the side of the driving pulley, and the speed sensor is installed on the bracket corresponding to the magnet. When the pulley speed of the belt conveyor is lower than the set value and kept for 5S, the belt conveyor will automatically cut off power and stop.

Roller type anti-skid protection device: the roller speed sensor is installed on the upper surface of the return belt or the lower surface of the carrying belt, and the belt and the roller maintain sufficient driving friction.

conveyor guarding device
conveyor guarding net device

Belt conveyor guarding device Supplier

SKE is one of the professional belt conveyor system and equipment supplier. In case any interest of belt conveyor safety protection device or complete equipment solution, please feel free to contact us. We will supply all kind of belt conveyor equipment and accessories for various applications.

We can design and supply conveyor system with safety guarding system!

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