Coal Conveyor System

Coal Conveyor System

Applications:conveying coal in coal mine, power plant, port/in-land terminal, preparation plant, etc;

Equipment Selection:belt conveyors, tripper car, stacking conveyors, pipe conveyor system, Loading and unloading conveyor;

System Service:We provide coal conveyor belt system designing, manufacturing services, and installation guide.

What is the coal conveyor system?

A coal conveyor system is mainly used to transport coal from one place to another place. It often needs belt conveyors to form different sections with special functions.

What is the types of coal conveyors?

As the material being transported is coal, all the coal conveyor must be designed with explosion-proof function. Now we list some types of coal conveyors below:

1. Coal tripper conveyor car;
2. Corrugated sidewall belt conveyor for coal;
3. Explosion-proof belt conveyor;
4. Universal belt conveyor;
5. Other conveyors may be needed in coal conveyor system.
6. Coal conveyor rollers, pulleys, belts, etc.

What is the applications of coal conveyor system?

Coal conveyor is mainly used in conveying coal in mine, stockyard, port, in-land terminal, power plant, etc. Now we list some detail applications below:

1. Convey coal in open pit coal mining plant;
2. Transport coal in underground coal mining plant;
3. Stacking, reclaiming, and feeding coal in a thermal power plant;
4. Stockpiling coal into warehouse and silo;
5. Convey coal in a coal washing plant;
6. Convey coal in coal preparation plant;
7. Coal loading and unloading from car, truck, train, ship/barge/vessel, etc.
8. Other applications;

The reliable coal conveyor belt system supplier.

Belt conveyor is widely used in coal conveying in different industries. SKE provides belt coal conveyor machine for mine, port, power plant, steel plant, etc. We not only supply conveyors but also coal conveyor component such as coal conveyor rollers, pulleys, belts, and conveyor structures.

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