Coal Preparation Plant Conveyor

Coal Preparation Plant Conveyor

Applications:conveying raw coal, clean coal, coal gangue, crushed coal, etc;

Equipment Selection:belt conveyors, tripper car, stacking conveyors;

System Service:We provide coal preparation plant conveyor belt system designing, manufacturing services, and installation guide.

What is coal preparation plant conveyor?

A coal preparation plant is a raw coal production line to get clean coal and remove coal gangue. It also can be named coal handling plant. To make the plant working, we need conveyor to link each machine to form a complete system. The coal preparation plant conveyor is this kind of conveyor.

What are the types of conveyors used in coal preparation plant?

In the plant, we usually need belt conveyor to be fixed in tow sections. The firs section is to connect coal crusher and coal screening machine in raw coal crushing plant. After getting the reasonable sized coal, we will convey them into coal separator to get clean coal and removing coal gangue. The second section is to stacking coal into storage room. The room can be silo and warehouse.

Conveyors used in plant:
1. Explosion-proof belt conveyor;
2. Flame retardant conveyor;
3. tripper conveyor car;
4. Stacking conveyor;
5. Other machines(coal crusher, coal screens, coal separators, etc.)

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Coal Preparation Plant Conveyor
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Coal Preparation Plant Conveyor
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Coal Preparation Plant Conveyor
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