800TPH Sand Carrier Ship Unloading and Warehouse Stacking Conveyor System in China

800TPH sand carrier ship unloading and warehouse stacking conveyor system

  • Location: Guangdong, China
  • End User: CCCC Fourth Harbor Engineering
  • Equipment: fixed belt conveyors
  • Applications: ship unloading and warehouse/ bin stockpiling
  • Raw Materials: fine aggregate sand
  • Tonnage: more than 800tph (the actual capacity reaches 1200tph)

Who is CCCC Fourth Harbor Engineering?

CCCC Fourth Harbor Engineering is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Communications Construction Group. It is a global-oriented diversified engineering company, who has many years experiance in contracting fields such as terminal ports,Reclaiming islands, oversized bridge, River crossings, tunnels and offshore engineering construction , it is the main force and pioneer enterprise of China's “Belt and Road” initiative.

What is the background of ship unloading and stockpiling conveyor system project?

The project is the feeding and conveying system project of the Dongjiangkou Port Prefabrication Plant of the First Engineering Co., Ltd.  CCCC Fourth Harbor Engineering was authorized to look for the conveyor system supplier by the standard in advanced processing technology and  Excellent products; Finally they choose SKE as the manufacturer for the complete conveying system due to our reliable equipment quality and excellent service.

ship unloading and stockpiling conveyor system project

Detail introduction of this sand carrier barge unloading and stockpiling conveyor system project

1.Raw Material: Fine Sand.

2.Handling Capacity: 800 m3/h.

3.Process flow: aggregate sand gravel carrier barge unloading--->materials belt feeder conveyor--->warehouse/ bin stockpiling conveyor system.

It is a classical port carrier barge unloading, transporting, and bin/ warehouse storing discharging  conveying system, rated processing capacity is 800 m3/h, and the actual capacity reaches 1200 cubic meters per hour.

ship unloading and stockpiling conveyor system project

What are the features of this fine sand carrier vessel unloading and stacking conveyor system project?

1. The whole plan is reasonable, and the output of the equipment meets the requirement perfectly.;

2. Adopting electric pulley drive,it improves the operation efficiency of the conveying system, reduces the damage to the drive caused by the environment, and it is easy to be maintained;

3. The conveyor system’s design and power calculation are accurate, and the overall system is closely linked;

4. The electric pulley is equipped with a backstop to prevent the belt conveyor from slipping.

6. It is reasonable and cost-saving to use the barge unloading belt conveyor and the tripper cars.

7. Intelligent control system, easy to be operated and maximize economic benefits;

8. Open dust cove design for environmental protection and convenient daily maintenance.

What services have SKE provided for CCCC Fourth Harbor Engineering?

ship unloading and stockpiling conveyor system project

We are responsible for design, procurement of materials and supporting outsourced parts, inspection, manufacturing, assembly, testing, transportation, system installation and commissioning. Design, manufacture, transportation, installation and commissioning of belt conveyors as well as steel structures and related technical services.

1. Design, manufacture, transportation, installation and commissioning of complete plant and steel structure and related technical services.

2. All the equipment including the selection of various components, the selection and arrangement of drive devices etc are designed by seller according to the requirements of the buyer,.

3. All steel structures (components) supply and the protection and paint supply and painting;

4. The basic embedded parts of all equipment and facilities’ design and force calculation,not limited to embedded parts.

5. The complete plant’s steel structure and hoppers, site making and commissioning;

6. Conveyor system site site installation and commissioning EPC;

7. Supporting facilities of the system: vibrator, iron remover, metering device, vulcanization device, cleaner, electric control element and electric control system  and other safety protection devices.

800TPH sand carrier ship unloading and warehouse stacking conveyor system

Project summary of this stockpiling sand fed from ship loading conveyor system

From the initial site survey to the process plan design,then subsequent stocking and delivery, after-sale maintenance and service, SKE has established a comprehensive service system to ensure that customers are provided with professional services and technical support. We practice the development policy of "survive by quality, seek development with credit, pursue customer satisfaction, and continuously improve innovation", pursue excellence through professionalism, keep making progress, continue to innovate, and seek our own new breakthroughs, just to reach Win-Win with you.

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