• Truck Unloading System
  • Truck Unloading System

Truck Unloading System

A truck unloading system is type of bulk materials handling system which is mainly used to unload bulk materials from a truck and store in silo, bins, bunkers, and flat warehouse.

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A truck unloading system may consist of receiving, belt feeder, tripper conveyor, and stacker conveyor. We can supple truck dumper, belt conveyor, tripper conveyor and stacking conveyor.

The truck dumper will help unload bulk materials and feed materials onto a belt conveyor. Belt conveyor will link different facilities. Tripper conveyor and stacking conveyor has the functions of loading bulk materials into silo, bunker, bins, flat warehouse. You can find part from the below list.

1. Mineral Ores: coal, pet coke, iron ore, copper ore, bauxite, limestone, gypsum, potash, salt, sulfur, etc.
2. Construction Materials: aggregate, gravel, sand, recycled aggregate, cement, clinker, etc.
3. Grains: rice, beans, wheat, rapeseed, cake, etc.
4. Chemical Goods: fertilizer, raw materials, etc.
5. Paper Raw Material: wood chips, bamboo pellet, etc,
6. Waste: construction waste, domestic garbage, muck, etc.


A truck unloading system not only discharge bulk materials from a truck but also may include conveyor system, blending system, reloading system, etc. It can be automated and semi-automated. Our truck unloading system has many features.

1. Dust-free and environmentally friendly.
2. High compatibility and flexibility.
3. Automatic dispatch control.
4. Using strong steel structure.

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