• Railcar Wagon Loading System
  • Railcar Wagon Loading System

Railcar Wagon Loading System

A wagon loading system is a type of bulk material handling system which is used to load wagons of railcar. It often consist of reclaiming system, belt feeding conveyor, bins/silos, loaders, etc.

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As we know, the rail wagon loading system is used for loading container of railcar. What types of materials can we handle? You can check part of them.

1. Mineral Ores: coal, pet coke, iron ore, copper ore, bauxite, limestone, gypsum, potash, salt, sulfur, etc.
2. Construction Materials: aggregate, gravel, sand, recycled aggregate, cement, clinker, etc. Grains: rice, beans, wheat, rapeseed, cake, etc.
3. Chemical Goods: fertilizer, raw materials, etc.
4. Paper Raw Material: wood chips, bamboo pellet, etc.
5. Waste: construction waste, domestic garbage, muck, etc.

You can get a large rail wagon loading system from our company. Surge and weigh bins can be employed in our system. The rail wagon loading system are capable of loading a wagon in either a fully automated or semi-automated manner. We offer a range of solutions with telescoping loading systems to load rail wagons. The wagon loading system has many features in bulk materials handling system.

1. Dust-free and environmentally friendly operation.
2. High compatibility and flexibility.
3. Automatic dispatch control.
4. It is able to reach a capacity of 8000 tons per hour.
5. The boast charge accuracy to within +/-2.5%.
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