• Truck Loading System

Truck Loading System

A truck loading system is a type bulk materials handling system which is used to load truck body or container. It often consist of reclaiming system, belt feeding conveyor, bins/silos, loaders, etc.

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Truck loading systems are widely used in industries of mining, sand & aggregate, port, grain, cement, coal, quarrying, etc. You can use them load a truck with materials like iron ore, copper ore, bauxite, limestone, gypsum, potash, fertilizer, aggregate, sand, cement, clinker, wood-chip, pellet, sintering, etc.

SKE is also able to provide truck loading systems for the handling of bulk material within complex transfer installations. Our systems are able to reach a capacity of 1,500 t/h and boast charge accuracy to within +/- 1%. Our truck loading system is supplied with storage and/or weighing hoppers and include a high-degree of automation technology - either as an automated single or multiple-bay truck loading system.
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