• Tripper Car Conveyor & System
  • Tripper Car Conveyor & System
  • Tripper Car Conveyor & System
  • Tripper Car Conveyor & System
  • Tripper Car Conveyor & System

Tripper Car Conveyor & System

The SKE tripper car belt conveyor is a kind of discharger. It can be used in unloading bulk material from both side, one side, middle of flat belt conveyor.

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The tripper car moves in both directions to make a long pile on one or both sides of the belt conveyor. Depending on the height of the pillars, tripper conveyors are capable of large quantity stockpiles.

We can use it to handle sand, gravel, aggregate, iron ore, copper ore, bauxite, coal, grains, etc. We can stockpile these in open pit, in-plant warehouse, bins, etc. You can apply our tripper car conveyor in sand plant, port, in-land terminal, ore beneficiation plant, quarry, etc.


1. Be able to move on rails along the stockpiling direction;

2. Using heavy duty construction structure;

3. Be able to discharging from one side and both side;

4. Customer designing for each unloading conveyor system;

5. Be able to be controlled from either a remote or local location;

Tech Datasheet
Tripper car conveyor
Types Bulk density Belt Width Customizable
Light Tripper Car <=1600kg/m³ 500-2200mm Yes
Heavy Duty Tripper Car >=1600kg/m³ 800-2200mm Yes
We can provide personal designing service according to your detail requirement.
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