• Belt Plow | Plough Tripper
  • Belt Plow | Plough Tripper
  • Belt Plow | Plough Tripper
  • Belt Plow | Plough Tripper
  • Belt Plow | Plough Tripper

Belt Plow | Plough Tripper

SKE is belt conveyor belt plow (plough discharger or plough tripper) manufacturer. We provide motorized, pneumatic, mobile conveyor belt plow for unloading of bulk material in storage management plant.

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SKE belt plows(plough tripper) are designed to increase a belt conveyor's material discharge control capabilities. Belt plows can release material on either side of the belt at pre-designated locations. Pneumatic or electric actuators are commonly used for operation. Manual lever action is also available for a belt plow.

We can use belt plows discharger to discharge bulk materials like Biomass materials like Limestone, Gypsum, Potash, Sulfur, Coal, Fertilizers, Wood Chips, Clinker, Aggregates, Petroleum Coke, and Other Bulk Solids.


1. Easy to control by using pneumatic, hydraulic, electric control system;

2. Be able to unload bulk material on multi spots;

3. Be able to unload on both sides or on one side;

4. Heavy-Duty construction structure;

5. Custom designed for each discharge system;

6. Integrated belt flattening system;

Tech Datasheet
Conveyor Belt Plow - Plough Discharger - Plough Tripper
Unloading Height Depending on requirement
Unloading Capacity Large than 50 t/h
Controlling Method Manual control or electric control

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