Underground Conveyor Systems

Underground Conveyor Systems

Applications:conveying dirt muck and gravel during tunneling and mineral ore in the mining process for coal, potash, salt, iron ore, copper ore, silver ore, bauxite, etc.

Equipment Selection:belt conveyors, sidewall conveyors, telescopic conveyors, transfer conveyors, etc;

System Service:We provide underground mining conveyor system designing, manufacturing services, and installation guide.

What is the underground mining conveyor system?

A underground mining conveyor system is the opposite of the open pit mining conveyor system and is mainly used to mine mineral ores in the formation. It is installed below surface of the ground.

What are the applications of underground conveyor?

As it is fixed underground and follows roadheaders and mining machine, it can convey dirt muck and gravel during tunneling and mineral ore in the mining process.

We list some kinds of mine below. You may use the system in mining of coal, gold ore, copper ore, silver ore, iron ore, bauxite, salt mine, potash mine, and the others mines which are stored underground.

What conveyor equipment will we need?

We can provide three types of conveyors to mine ore underground. They are fixed conveyor, telescopic conveyor, and transfer conveyor.

The fixed belt conveyors mainly are used in the main roadway and the auxiliary roadway to transport ore. The telescopic conveyor is mainly used to convey dirt muck and gravel during tunneling. The transfer conveyor is fixed on roadheader and mining machine to feed materials into truck or belt conveyor.

We also provide mining conveyor rollers, pulleys, conveyor belts, frames, etc.

The reliable underground mining conveyor belt machine supplier!

SKE is professional underground mining conveyor machine manufacturer and supplier in China. We can provide systems for all types of mineral ore stored underground. You can get conveyor machines and complete transporting system from us.

If you need conveyor system for you underground mining project, please contact us now.

Underground Mining Conveyor System
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Underground Mining Conveyor System
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Underground Mining Conveyor System
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