Limestone Belt Conveyor System used in Crushing Plant in China

Limestone belt conveyor system used in crushing plant for sand making in China

  • Location: Zuny, Guizhou, China
  • End User: Zunyi XXX Building Materials Co., Ltd
  • Equipment: conveyors belt width 1200mm, 800mm, 650mm with covers .
  • Applications: Crushed limestone conveying for manufacturing sand.
  • Raw Materials: Limestone
  • Tonnage: The conveying capacity is up to 450tph.

What is the crushed limestone conveyor system project like ?

This project is a typical limestone production line project. It forms a closed-loop circulation system from exploration --Primary crushing--secondary crushing-sand making -sieving-conveying-mixing plant-finished mixer truck, which implements a three-shift 24-hour continuous production, its conveyor system covers the entire mining area from explore site to crushing, screening, finished material stock yard, mixing plant, and has laid a solid foundation for the continuous production of the project. This project is the largest self-operated limestone crushing production line in local, providing a large amount of material requirements for local infrastructure construction and making an outstanding contribution to local city construction.

Limestone belt conveyor system used in crushing plant in China

All bulk material conveyors adopt the top domestic external electric roller, stable single-beam main structure, domestic first-grade brand belts, comprehensively maintained and repaired double-sided grille walkway, top-grade deviation rope switch protection, open dust cover, first-class iron remover, metal detector and other high standard configuration as per user’s requirements.Its design process strictly meets national standards, and the configuration requirements are at domestic first-class level.

The screening and conveying system handles the materials are crushed rock and sand at various stages, and the finished products are used in the mixing splant. Therefore, the various parts of the system, especially the vibration feeder, vibrating screen, conveyor head chute, slide pipe, wear-resistant liners, etc, can not only meet the requirements for smooth passing the materials during the maximum conveying efficiency operation, but also meet the requirements of materials for impact wear on components, which ensure normal discharging and conveying safely, conveniently with stable efficiency.

Limestone belt conveyor system used in crushing plant  for sand making in China

The system equipment is equipped with perfect safety protection devices and necessary safety protection facilities to ensure the safe operation of the equipment. The working status of the safety protection device of the whole screening and conveying equipment can be realized by the centralized control station system on the spot, and can also be manually operated at the machine side.

What is the features of this limestone crushing plant conveyor system?

1. Typical stone crushing project, strictly adopt national standards and environmental protection requirements;

2.Electric roller drives, improve the operation efficiency of the conveying system, reduce the damage to drive device caused by the environment, and facilitate the maintenance;

3. The plant design and power calculation are accurate, and the overall stage is closely linked;

4. The electric droller is equipped with a backstop to prevent the belt conveyor from slipping.

5. The system covers all conveyor belt models and length;

What types of belt conveyors have been installed in this project?

Belt conveyors specifications

No. Item Model Length(m) Power Unit Qtty
1 Belt Conveyor B1200 12 15KW Set 1
2 B1200 22.5 22KW 1
3 B1200 29 30KW 1
4 B800 25 15KW 1
5 B1000 36 22KW 1
6 B1000 30 18.5KW 1
7 B1200 35 37KW 1
8 B800 33 18.5KW 1
9 B650 15 5.5KW 4
10 B650 21 7.5KW 1
11 B800 20 11KW 1
12 B800 23 11KW 1
13 B650 20 7.5KW 1
14 B650 18 7.5KW 1

What services have we supplied for this circle closed limestone conveyor system?

Construction method:We are responsible for design, procurement of materials and supporting outsourced parts, inspection, manufacturing, assembly, testing, transportation, system installation and commissioning.

Construction period requirements: The commissioning must be finished within Dec of 2017;

limestone conveyor, limestone belt conveyor, belt conveyor used in limestone crushing plant

1. Design, manufacture, transportation, installation and commissioning of belt conveyors as well as  steel structures and related technical services.

2. Design, manufacture, transportation, installation and commissioning of complete plant and steel structure and related technical services.

3. All the equipment including the selection of various components, the selection and arrangement of drive devices etc are designed by seller according to the requirements of the buyer,.

4. All steel structures (components) supply and the protection and paint supply and painting;

5. The basic embedded parts of all equipment and facilities’ design and force calculation,not limited to embedded parts.

6. The complete plant’s steel structure and hoppers, site making and commissioning;

7. Conveyor system site site installation and commissioning EPC;

8. Supporting facilities of the system: vibrator, iron remover, metering device, vulcanization device, cleaner, electric control element and electric control system  and other safety protection devices;

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