Stone Dust Powder Processing Plant Conveyor System in Jamaica

Jamaica's large stone dust powder production project material handling system

  • End User:  A large stone dust processing company in Jamaica
  • Equipment:  belt conveyor, rain cover, bucket elevator
  • Applications: crushed and stone dust conveyor system
  • Raw Materials: stone

Project Description

The project is a typical mineral ore powder production line project, from ore mining -Primary crushing-secondary crushing-Transfer storage-Conveying-Grinding-Finished powder storage tank storing, forming a complete production system. Its conveyor system covers from the source to crushing, sieving, transfer storage, grinding, finished product warehouse, and runs through the entire production line, laying a solid foundation for the continuous production of the project. The project is the largest mineral powder production line in the local area, providing a large amount of material demand for local infrastructure, and also making outstanding contributions to the economic development of the Belt and Road partners.

Equipment Supplying

No. Item description Model Length(m) Power Unit Qtty
Truss Frame belt conveyor
B1000 30 18.5KW Set 1
2 B800 5 4KW Set 1
3 B800 17 11KW Set 1
4 B650 17.5 7.5KW Set 1
5 B500 7.5 3KW Set 1
6 B650 15 5.5KW Set 2
7 B650 18 5.5KW Set 1
8 B500 9.5 3KW Set 1

Project Features

1. Typical mineral ore powder production and processing line model, strictly using national standards and meeting local environmental requirements;
2. Motor plus reducer drive, improve the efficiency of the conveyor system, reduce production costs, convenient and fast maintenance;
3. The program design and power calculation are accurate, and the overall program is closely connected;
4. Precise full set of protective devices, improve the reliability of the production line and increase humanistic care;
5. The system covers the various belt types and lengths of the bulk material conveying equipment;
6. The configuration of the semi-open dustproof and rain cover meets the local government's requirements for environmental protection, and also provides a strong guarantee for the continuous operation of the production line;

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