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Portable Coal Ship Loading Conveyor System for Terminals

  • Applications: Bulk coal loading in-land terminals and ports
  • Features: Extendable, Pivotable, Height adjustable, etc
  • Conveyors: Mobile link conveyor, portable ship loader conveyor(barge loading direct from truck unloder feeder in some situatuons).
  • Services: SKE provides mobile coal ship loading system manufacturing and installation.

What is portable coal ship loading system?

Portable coal loading port conveyor system
Portable Coal Loading Port Conveyor System

A portable coal ship loading conveyor is mainly developed from portable conveyor, but it is more than a mobile conveyor. For bulk material handling system, a stationary coal ship loading system will need large base foundation construction investment. Our portable coal ship loading system will help save money on foundation construction. It can be operated singly or working with other portable link conveyor and portable feeder conveyor. Our machines are often designed the track-mounted.

What types of portable coal ship loader conveyor system can we supply?

Rail-mounted portable coal ship loader conveyor
Rail-mounted Mobile Coal Ship Loader Conveyor

Our portable coal ship loader conveyor system are mainly among below list:

1. rail-mounted coal ship loader,
2. all wheeled coal ship loading system
3. track-mounted coal barge loading machines
4. customized portable coal vessel loading conveyor

You can use our machines to load coal onto ship with lower investment than stationary coal vessel loading conveyor. Loading coal into ship will be easy by choosing our equipment.

Portable coal ship loader and link conveyor
Portable Coal Ship Loader and Link Conveyor

Why is portable coal ship loading system so popular in modern dockside?

Portable truck unloader feeder and ship loader system
Portable truck unloader Feeder and Ship Loader System For Dockside

A portable coal ship loader can be designed with concept of standardized modular designing. We can manufacture our equipment according to your requirements in a very short time. And you can set up your port as early as possible.

We know that time is money! Portable coal ship loading system is one of your best choices. And portable coal barge loading system will be more and more popular in the future of bulk material handling.

We can be your reliable coal port ship loading supplier!

Cargo barge loading conveyorsystem

Pivotable and Extendable Rail-mounted Portable Coal Barge Loader System

We have very rich experience in ship loading design. The newest barge loading conveyor system was installed in HK for loading public filler into ship. And this company is belong to the local government. To data, we have installed several lines for the same company.

If you need complete coal vessel loading system, you can contact us. And we can supply both stationary and portable type.

Stationary Coal Ship Loading System for Port and Terminal Bulk Vessel Loading System

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