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Stationary Coal Ship Loading System for Port and Terminal

  • Applications: Barge and ship loading for bulk coal port.
  • Features: Large loading ration, High operation strength, etc!
  • Conveyors: Stockpiling, Reclaiming, Tripper Conveyor, Ship Loading Conveyor.
  • Services: SKE provides coal loading port design, coal ship loading system and machine manufacturing and installation.
Coal loading stations mainly consists of bulk coal feeding conveyor system and coal ship loading equipment. In the modern coal loading ports, stationary coal loading system and portable coal loading conveyor are the most widely used in different ports, in-land terminals, dock, etc. These page we mainly introduce our stationary bulk coal loading system.

Dockside coal loading port
Coal loading port carrier barge loading conveyor system

How can we load coal onto barge and ships?

We don’t have a certain answer for you, because each bulk coal loading system may have different designs. For example, our barge loading system of public filler manufactured from construction and mud, located in HK, are consisting screening, normal distance transporting, and ship loading sections, and it can realize 800t/h ship loading ration.

Dockside coal loading port
Rail-mounted coal ship loading system with warehouse storage stockpiling and reclaiming conveyor system.

Here we introduce a complete solution for loading coal into ships. You can refer to the ship loading system picture below. It is a typical stationary bulk coal barge loading station. You can see it mainly consists of bulk coal stockpiling system, coal reclaiming system, in-plant coal conveying system, and bulk fuel coal loading equipment.

First, all the coal should be stored with stockpiling conveyor system in the stockyard of port. Then wen can use coal reclaimer conveyor system to fetch coals from coal yard to transport coal in plant with in-plant conveying system. In the end, coal will be feeder to coal loader machine to load coal onto vessel.

Dockside coal loading port
Coal loading port with coal carrier barge loading system

What types of coal loading out facilities are required?

In modern coal loading port, bulk material handling conveyor are the main facilities for loading coal into ships.

1. Coal stockpiling conveyor system for coal storage management in open pit stockyard and warehouse(bin and silo) of port. We often used plough tripper, mobile tripper car, and reversible belt conveyor tripper car.
2. Coal reclaiming conveyor system for fetching coal directly from dockside yards and feeding to in plant transporting conveyor installed in terminals. We use portable reclaiming conveyor and bucket wheel reclaiming machine.
3. Coal ship loading machines for loading coal into vessels. They can be stationary ,rail-mounted, portable. They can all be designed according to the detail requirements of our customers.

Cargo barge loading conveyor system
Coal ship loading system with open pit stockpiling yards

We also can supply portable coal ship loading system!

Portable coal barge loading system is especial high automation loading system for terminals, ports, and dockside. You can dump a car with truck direct unloader feeder conveyor and feed coal to portable coal ship loading system. It can decrease the amount of foundation investment.

coal ship loading with long distance conveyor feeder
Coal loading port with long distance feeding conveyor system installed

We are a reliable coal loading system manufacturer and supplier!

Our company insists on increasing the operation benefit of investing on ship loader. We have get several ship loading conveyor system. We are corporation with many famous port construction engineering and operation company. The newest of ship loading project is located in HK and our customer belongs to the local government. To date, we have installed several ship loading station line for them.

Ship / Barge Belt Loading Conveyor System for Bulk Materials Portable Coal Ship Loading Conveyor System for Terminals

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